Chocobo Raising Notes

Discussion in 'Chocobo Raising' started by Sassafras, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Sophiel

    Sophiel {Magic Def. Master}?

    Day 55

    Still lovesick...

    but... LV 8 STR: FIRST CLASS

    OH YEAH!

    Now on Carrying Packages Plan to build his Endurance (Currently at Lv 4)
  2. Talfus

    Talfus ~Lux Aeterna~

    How's the speed so far? As fast/faster then rentable choco?
  3. Sophiel

    Sophiel {Magic Def. Master}?

    Some rough testing with Spun showed that at Lv 8 STR, the speed is comparable with Rental chocobo. The Rentals might be a tad bit faster, but with user lag and uneven terrains... it is kinda inconclusive. However, from a purely subjective level, they seem pretty equal.
  4. Sophiel

    Sophiel {Magic Def. Master}?

    Lv 4 end = exactly 29 mins...
  5. defiant

    defiant Active Member FC/Active Member

    Sass, will pay well for a chocobo i need. Remind me ingame^^