The Evolution of Milk

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XI - Media' started by Genno, Jul 27, 2007.

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    Interesting. I think I'll adapt this strange custom:tounge-1:

    With this insight spearheaded by Genno and new revelations by Dr. Nekio, I think it's time to create the Hybrid Milk Carton Bag. Genno, head of the Dept. of Milk Bags will create a carton with no triangle top (thanks for the insight here Jotaru). The carton shall be flat on the top with a Capri sun like hole for a straw (thanks for the insight here Arafea). Mr. President, I think we should endorse this bill immediately. Additionally, we need places where we can pour our milk over young, naked, teenage girls. (Furax is putting a gun to my head right now as I type this to make it happen.) We'll shorten the name to Hybrid Milk Carton to underscore need to supress Canadian foolishness.

    Gentlemen, I am very pleased with what we have come up with. A combination of old, out of date, retarded Canadian method of storing milk with American intelligence of everything in this wonderful Milky Way.

    Good day, sirs.
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    I concur

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    We must be the only linkshell retarded enough to have a 3 page thread on the topic of "bags of milk". On the other hand, let's blame it all on Genno.

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    Gentlemen, no longer shall we face the persecution of milk cartons based purely on their lid shape.

    I give you, old milk carton:


    I now give you, MALK v.2.0, a direct result of the collective hivemind demonstrated here on these boards.

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    Im sure other shells have these threads....but its about goat milk bags.
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    My make me proud.

    I wept shamelessly. MALK. Pure. Genius.
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    You could stack so many of those... think of the packaging costs saved??
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    Packaging costs would be nothing...we could build a giant square of milk...and we could stand on this giant super milk carton and walk into Heaven.

    Eat your heart out, Tower of Babel.
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    j00 are all demented....we don't really have the milk bags in alot of places any more. I believe it was just an easier way for the milk person to deliver the milk then hauling around a bunch of cartons to ppls houses.

    Milk Jugs ftw
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    Boxes are for WEAKLINGS!

    You should see me dual wielding gallon milk jugs with the caps off!


    I'll take my shirt off and do a straight pour into my mouth, letting the overflow travel down my shirtless chest.

    You can watch as I kick cookies into the pit too.
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    Also you forgot to mention your glistening soggy beard from all of that milk.
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    I'd agree Canadians do have odd containers for consumer products...but I must admit, milk without bovine growth hormones (US farmers use these to get more milk out of each cow, as a result it tends to taste like water...sort of like American beer) taste a hell of a lot better.
  16. Ashmus

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    why do we put bovine growth hormone in our beer?
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  17. Genno

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    to get more beer from each cow.

    this is simple stuff ash.
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    I just got back from my long weekend in Canada. I am too tired to compile my findings, but here is the checklist I had:

    Check list for trip to Toronto:

    [X] poutine - tried it, was good. Can see it being tasty when drunk.
    [X] bag of milk - saw 4 L packages, but didn't buy any. Not like I had any place to store it
    [X] lunies - spent them. lots of them. Lost some at a casino in Niagara Falls too.
    [X] maple syrup - yeah, it was there still.
    [X] hockey hair - definitely saw some mullets being rocked.
    [X] Tim Horton's donuts - wtf was up with the chocolate frosted donut? It tasted like a wax bag with chocolate on it. The other stuff I had was really good though.
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    Check and mate.
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    you tried loltoronto poutine, gotta come to québec for the real deal :p