Regardin Tiamat

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XI - Media' started by Koul, Aug 28, 2006.

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    This is from me watchin Wiz kill tiamat from 46% > 0%








    One of the things I found interesting watching em was that they took him down from roughly 50% in like 25min. by just continually using spells... like non-stop...... a BLM would cast Thundaga III and hit for 600damage then follow up with a Flood II for another 600-800 damage

    They had like 2 or 3 SMNs on him though also doin non-stop BPs (I was shocked by how much those 2 rush's did... heard it sucked ass)

    another thing that was queer was that they had PLD/NIN tanks but they would also use AA with whm/smn, their positioning with their group was where they had tiamat where everyone *should* have em but they had the WHMs be right next to the tanks as well but I think they must've had a a whm group to heal the whm group... I dono

    and for practically the entire time they only had Pirorin stun the -gas lol

    note: the BLM got resisted a shitload though... without MBing they usually hit for only like 30-500 tops... I think only TSM had a really good unresisted rate. It was really interesting watching 1337 fight and then watching Wizardry for some of it ehehehe....

    oh another thing! The only melees they had were 1BST only used for pulling corses off the main alliance, 1SAM/THF and 1THF/SAM

    I think they would only SC every 3min. whenever the THF had TP to lol otherwise they would free nuke him 24/7
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  2. Aelfinn

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    doesnt wiz just manaburn everything anyway?
  3. Koul

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    yeah but it was just really weird for me watching them do after watching 1337 do it
  4. jinxy

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    thier ws dmg looks really low?
  5. Aura

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    How do their tanks keep hate against so much nuking? We could do this too, it's not like we have fewer BLMs. I just feel like we'd lose hate about 4 minutes in and all the BLM would die.
  6. Archain

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    About how long was I away before the payoff happened, Koul?
  7. Aelfinn

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    hows that hate decay song for brd? would this make a huge difference to get on each blm?
  8. furax

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    maybe the blms have enmity down merits too?
  9. Aelfinn

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    ive been so tempted to merit down my enmity... but as "main" nin that would be painfull... although im hardly ever nin to anything, aside from limbus and other such smaller tasks....hrmhrm...
  10. Aura

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    Not sure, I just know this is something I've noticed for a long time when Wizardry fights Tiamat. Their tanks never lose hate, not even for a second. And here they don't even have Provoke on their tanks.
  11. Aelfinn

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  12. sarahlynn

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    I've watched Wiz Tiamat fights and their BLMs (especially the one using Demon Helm for Stuns lol) get drawn in plenty.
  13. Fayevalentine

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    maybe aqua knows their secrets
  14. lostsoul

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    2h's i think before 1337 wiped.
  15. Stelaereous

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    I've been screaming "Paladin Tanks" For the longest time, and I know why their white mages are there - so they don't get drawn in.

    Paladins can do a hell of a job if geared up right for this, and the mages can nuke to their heart's content.


    Their melees fucking suck. rofl.
  16. Koul

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    Chuggs M'Koul
    The whole time while there I only saw 1 BLM get drawn in and die this happened to him once from 50 -> 0 ... I don't know how their tanks hold so much hate cause while in the air they definately weren't using resistance gear... yeah stella but with how many AoEs he has the WHMs are wasting MP curing themselves so that's why it's not a spectacular spot to be in

    another thing I noticed though was that his TP build was crazy... he was spamming Tebbad Wing A LOT more then any other battle I've seen lol... and even when the tanks would get roared they were okay

    what they *might've* done was had 1 BLM at a time log hate but I dono if they did that cause my camera wasn't towards them lol ~_~;

    the payoff happened at 20% arch lol... ga3 > ga3 > inferno blast killed the 2 main tanks then they couldn't keep hate after that... he MS and ate the mages for a while more ga3s then a final inferno blast finished everyone off
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  18. Koul

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    I think one of the ways they hold hate so well is that the WHM may not cure the tanks when he is in the air and both PLDs just cure IV one another for oodles of hate and keepin each other alive

    ...just an assumption though
  19. lostsoul

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    Let a DRK tank Tiamat.
  20. Coice

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