Corsair - Quick Draw Testing (Bolster Effect?)

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    This topic is one of the most interesting things I can currently find. This skill really spikes my curiosity. I want to see if I can assign a flat percentage of this using what Hirushi and Valin have posted so far. Any additional numbers that you can provide will help to prove or disprove how this works. I'm not afraid to be wrong, I'm just looking to find something that can be corrected. If it's effectiveness is proven, I can see a very powerful role in the endgame for the COR as the sledge hammer used to strengthen enfeebles on HNMs.

    Using these values below (from my personal Ballista testing) I'll see if I can get somewhere in the ballpark. Shoot this down and plug in a better number if you can see it, that's why I posted this.

    [B][COLOR="Red"]Ballista Testing values[/COLOR][/B] 
    [B]Defense Debuff Percentages[/B] 
    05.0% = Dia 
    10.0% = Dia II 
    12.5% = Acid Bolt 
    15.0% = Dia III (Byakko tested) 
    20.0% = Spirit Surge + Jump 
    [B]Attack Debuff Percentages [/B]
    05.0% = Bio 
    10.0% = Bio II 
    12.5% = Demon Arrow 
    15.0% = Bio III (Aura Pot tested) 
    [B]Slow Debuff Percentages [/B]
    18.0% = Hojo: Ni 
    18.0% - +22.0% = Slow (Effect increases with MND) 
    50.0% = Carnage Elegy 

    I have a feeling that these provide a bolster effect somewhere in the 50% - 60% range. I'll use +55% until I can get a few more numbers. I'll use the values recorded in this thread.

    Defense Down Test, Dia II
    Actual Values
    257 DEF - Base Defense
    230 DEF - Defense after Dia II (10% DEF Down)
    217 DEF - Defense after Dia II + Quick Draw

    Math Explanation
    257 DEF * 0.10 (Dia II @ 10%) = 25.7 DEF Down
    257 DEF - 25.7 DEF Down = 231.3 DEF

    25.7 DEF Down * 0.55 (+55% Enfeeble Bolster?) = 14.135 DEF Down
    231.3 DEF - 14.135 DEF Down = 217.165 DEF

    Attack Down Test, Bio II
    Actual Values
    371 ATT - Base Attack
    333 ATT - Attack after Bio II (10% ATT Down)
    314 ATT - Attack after Bio II + Quick Draw

    Math Explanation
    371 ATT * 0.10 (Bio II @ 10%) = 37.1 ATT Down
    371 ATT - 37.1 ATT Down = 333.9 ATT

    37.1 ATT * 0.55 (+55% Enfeeble Bolster?) = 20.405 ATT Down
    333.9 ATT - 20.405 ATT Down = 313.495 ATT

    +Slow Test, /ma Slow
    Actual Values
    0:45 Utsusemi: Ni recast - Base recast
    0:53 Utsusemi: Ni recast - Recast after Slow (+18%)
    0:58 Utsusemi: Ni recast - Recast after Slow + QuickDraw

    Math Explanation
    45 Sec * 0.18 (Slow @ 18%) = 8.1 Sec Addition
    45 Sec + 8.1 Sec Addition = 53.1 Sec

    8.1 Sec * 0.55 (+55% Enfeeble Bolster?) = 4.455 Sec Addition
    53.1 Sec + 4.455 Sec Addition = 57.555 Sec

    That may look kinda close and I'm digging the numbers above, but here's where I get shaken =/.
    Using the data from this thread I'm going to use the DEF values using the Dia 1 numbers.

    Values from this screenshot were used below

    Defense Down Test, Dia
    Actual Values
    128 DEF - Base Defense
    121 DEF - Defense after Dia (5% Defense Down)
    115 DEF - Defense after Dia + Quick Draw

    Math Explanation
    128 DEF * 0.05 (Dia @ 5%) = 6.4 DEF Down
    128 DEF - 6.4 DEF Down = 121.6 DEF

    6.4 DEF * 0.55 (+55% Enfeeble Bolster?) = 3.52 DEF Down
    121.6 DEF - 3.52 DEF Down = 118.08 DEF

    This one is weird in that it does seem to work if I say that Quick Draw did a +100% Enfeeble Bolster.

    +100% Differemce?
    128 DEF - 6.4 DEF Down (Dia @ 5%) = 121.6 DEF
    121.6 DEF - 6.4 DEF Down (Quick Draw @ +100% Dia) = 115.2 DEF


    1. Carnage Elegy + Slow + Quick Draw = What recast time (am I looking at our way of pegging a 1:30)? The values I have below could be totally off, I just need someone to kick it's ass off with some numbers. Can someone verify these numbers to be true or false and give genuine ones?

    45 Sec * 0.18 (Slow @ 18%) = 8.1 Sec Addition
    45 Sec + 8.1 Sec Addition = 53.1 Sec (0:53)
    +Carnage Elegy
    53.1 Sec * 0.50 (Carnage Elegy @ 50%) = 26.55 Sec Addition
    53.1 Sec + 26.55 Sec Addition = 79.65 Sec (1:09)
    +Quick Draw
    26.55 Sec * 0.55 (+55% Enfeeble Bolster) = 14.6025 Sec Addition
    79.65 Sec + 14.6025 Sec Addition = 94.2525 Sec (1:34, but pegged @ +100% Slow --> 1:30?)

    2. Acid Bolt DEF Down, is it effected by a Quick Draw + Wind Card? (or might it be Light Based?)

    Verify that the effect is bolstered with Wind Card.
    Obtain values from it's DEF Down effect if the enfeeble is bolstered.
  2. Trewgle

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    wow, what's the recast on this ability?


    btw.. if you wanna ruin a mobs recast timer, fight them when they are weakened. du'h!
  3. Archain

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    Recast on Quick Draw is 3 mins. Each time Quick Draw is used, it consumes an elemental card (kinda like Ninja tools).
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  4. Benny

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    Corsair job merits better have Quick Draw recast down... that and Random Deal.... ^^

  5. Archain

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    Quick Draw = 25 Distance unit multidirectional instant claim.

    This kinda reminds me of shadowbind's speed and you can use it running.
  6. Aangeliceus

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    Whoa..... thats not too shabby.
  7. Archain

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    I'm starting to wonder if this ability misses at all. I was able to join the alliance on the last sea pop run and was able to tag Aw'Ghrahs in Ru'Hmet with Quick Draw as a level 45 COR.

    Has anyone seen this miss?
  8. Jasmin

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    It cant miss. Think of it as Nether blast.
  9. Archain

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    I guess you're right, lol.

    Level 47 COR!

  10. Archain

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    It looks as if Quick Draw doesn't add a percentage to the enfeeble, but actually knocks it up a spelltier (kinda like how DRG 2AF Helm moves Healing Breath III to IV power).

    The recast on Quick Draw was changed a while back to 1 minute and is able to be /recast merited to 50 secs a shot.

    Dia II w/ Light Shot = Dia III power (and unable to be overwritten by Bio II)

    Dia III w/ Light Shot = Dia IV power (and unable to be overwritten by Bio III)

    Quick Draw Information =

    Quick Draw Discussion =

    Quick Draw doesn't enhance ninjitsu elemental debuffs, but instead uses the debuff in the same manner a BLM spell does and uses it in it's damage calculation, burning it.

    I'm attempting to set up a strong Quick Draw build at 75 and have held off on prepping for it until I'm there. I was going to merit something with Phantom Roll until I figured out that I only really liked playing COR in events. My new plan is going to be...

    5x Quick Draw Accuracy
    5x Quick Draw Recast

    3x Fold
    3x Snake Eyes

    This should support the use of Quick Draw and increase my average buff strength for events. I have not merited marksmanship and I don't plan on doing it. If I do decide to do merit parties, I'll stick with Sushi and Pahluwan concentrating more on pulling, sleeping, and getting buffs on instead of DD.

    I'll set up something later for QD nuking, but for now I'm thinking about something along these lines.

    Subjob = /BLU w/ Magic ATT trait setup, /BLM, or /RDM

    Gun = Corsair's Gun (41 DMG)
    Ammo = Corsair's Bullet (57 DMG)
    Staff = Staff appropriate to QD Shot, HQ if possible
    Belt = Obi appropriate to QD Shot/DoW or +AGI
    Earrings = Moldavite and Drone
    Neck = Uggalepih Pendant
    Body = Denali Jacket (+10 AGI)
    Legs = War Brais +1 (+5 AGI)
    Head = Corsair's Tricorne
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    Corsair is shaping up to be a pretty kick ass job. Curiouser and curiouser.
  12. Apollyonzorz

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    when you say it doesn't enhance ninjitsu, then what is the point of doing ice or earth shot after paralyze or slow spells

    never thought about /BLU wonder if how that effiects our healing and MP pool compared /whm

    I plan on throwing atleaset one merit into Loaded Deck. Its aways nice to be able reset Convert/Elemental Seal/Divine seal with more reliability
  13. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

    AFAIK, there is no point in using Earth or Ice shot after Jubaku or Hojo. I think it's because QD works by elevating the "tier" of most spells, like Dia I to Dia II. Since the different tiers of Ninjitsu don't affect potency, there would be no effect (aside from maybe duration?) of using QD on Ninjitsu.
  14. Archain

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    When I was talking about ninjitsu, I was specifically referring to the elemental ninjitsu spells that have the aftereffect of lowering resistances.

    When you fire an Ice Shot into Huton, the Ice Shot's success in landing was based on the Huton effect so it doesn't enhance it. It's like casting a spell into it.

    It'd be like casting an Aero IV or Tornado into Kirin with Doton on him, except that a completed Tornado lowers an enemy's resistance to Ice as an aftereffect almost like a huge cog in the elemental wheel.
  15. Aura

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    When you say Dia III moves to Dia IV tier, does this mean it grants 20% DEF down and stronger DoT?
  16. Archain

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    I want to try a test using the overwrite check done with Dia and Bio.

    Does Slow II currently overwrite Hojo: Ni?

    Will QD'd Hojo: Ni prevent a Slow II overwrite?
  17. Archain

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    It will also work with Acid Bolts (Wind Shot) to increase the DEF Down as well. Weapons inflicting the condition will get the condition boosted as it sits right now. I have no idea what a 12.5% reduction in DEF that an Acid Bolt inflicts will get QD bolstered to though.

    If you're interested in some number recording, I'm sure I can find someone to Bio II or Bio III and see what happens.
  18. Araius

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    If you want a BLU to whore out in Ballista to test the effects of Quick Draw on BLU debuff spells, don't hesitate to give me a shout.
  19. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

    Arch, can you please do me a favor and make sure that Light and Dark Shot still enhance their corresponding debuffs, for each of the "landing" possibilities for both? :D

    ie. These Shots can either:
    Miss (resist).
    Have no effect (another higher tier sleep already active/no buffs to Dispel).
  20. Apollyonzorz

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    i think light and dark shot's got reduced to only sleeping and dispelling i don't believe they still carry thier original debuff enhancement.

    WHere did you find that wind shot helps with acid bolts. I thought it was mainly for increasing duration of gravity and silence.