Corsair - Quick Draw Testing (Bolster Effect?)

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    I'll give numbers for all of this. The Light and Dark shots will still perform their bolster role on Bio and Dia. I'll do a reverification and try to find someone with Dia III to provide the 15% to 20% numbers when QD'd so you can see it concrete instead of by statements.

    Source =

    Taken from Dec 19, 2006 Update details.

    Source =

    The only thing that was changed about Light and Dark shot was the fact that it now inflicts a status effect on those two instead of doing damage. Shooting a Light Shot at a Dia'd target won't sleep it anyway, but the extra 5% DEF down is kicking in.

    Dark and Light Shot won't wake enemies anymore, so you could shoot either QD into it's appropriate sleep method.

    Now that there are mutliple fully levelled BLUs on the server, I can actually test some of the Blue Magic enfeebles with QD added as well.
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    then i need an updated list of which Shots effect what. I got a list around the first time Corsair just came out so there's a good chance its wrong. If you know of one let me know.