Back Again... 6/3/11

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    Not on Valefor myself, I think these guys all are. If none of them have hit you up, the first thing you wanna do is start getting stones from Joachim, then you want to wait until you get 2 stones. Travel to a maw, get cs, use 1 stone, go back to Joachim, get cs. Travel to all maws using that same time from that old stone so you can warp to them. Buy 24 Murex Spicules and a Black Whisker from the AH then go to Abys Vunkerl, do these two quests, then buy the Azure Abyssite of Celerity.
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    Then after doing what Churchill said get some friends and head out to Abyssea - Konschtat and kill Tonberries. They drop an abyssite of celerity also. You want all three abyssites of celerity because you will get a stone every 8 hours of RL time.
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    Awesome, thanks guys! Now I have some direction, haha.