Next Expansion: Wings of the Goddess

Discussion in 'Wings of the Goddess' started by Magos, May 12, 2007.

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    Uhh, just curious but where is all this Geomancer and Time Mage stuff coming from? I thought someone just made it up and now people are talking about it like it's an actual possibility.
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    They smoke pot.
  3. Nekio

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    Folks are trying to will it to be so. Hell, it worked with BLU.

    P.S. GEO >>> TIM
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    Wow, so I just watched the video for the first time, and it's gotten me excited. Seeing Sauromogue Champaigne still intact was enough to get me interested. I really hope this expansion has a great story. It would be nice to see the events unravel that lead to the game's opening cut scene.