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Discussion in 'Wings of the Goddess' started by Magos, May 12, 2007.

  1. Magos

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    Official Site for "Wings of the Goddess"! (05/12/2007)

    The development of "Wings of the Goddess", a new FINAL FANTASY XI expansion disc, was announced today at the SQUARE ENIX PARTY 2007.
    In conjunction with this announcement, a new site has been created to provide the latest development details as they become available, as well as give fans the opportunity to view exclusive images from the expansion.

    Click here to visit the official "Wings of the Goddess" site.

    Not too much info but the video is sure pretty. O_O
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  2. Pitlith

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    Wow, I can't believe they are doing another expansion so soon after Treasures of Afghanistan... I mean, Salvage (from what I understand) is huge and is not a common event that is touched. Missions are still unfolding within the newest expansion, as well as, assaults (Nyle-sp?).

    I do have to say that I am excited about it though, nonetheless. It seems to be a new twist on the direction they were going with the expansions thus far. Only time will tell when they, as I assume, will release bit by bit of information about what is to come.

  3. Varda

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    I'm really surprised too. This June update isn't going to be the end of the TAU story, is it? Seems like there should be room for at least one more installment, and that starts to push close to the Winter 2007 release of this new expansion. Who knows, maybe the June update will have tons of story, enough to wrap up the storyline.

    Time for predictions! (Don't grimace, you knew they'd be coming. :p) I predict stronger story (like CoP, though I'm enjoying TAU too) and no new jobs. I'm certainly willing to be proven wrong on the jobs though. ^_^
  4. Aura

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    anyone want to take bets? I think we'll see male mithrae in this expansion.
  5. Fayevalentine

    Fayevalentine Bebop Passenger

    Hmm so how are they going to do this? A portal to the past? Maybe missions will have war sequences >.>b

    Winter 2007...seems kind of early, but if they are rolling out "quality" content on a regular basis who am I to complain?

    By then they might be rolling out new content to both expansions as a way to clear up congestion in any one city aye?
  6. DeeDoubleOhEhm

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    It'd be nice if they'd work on current issues before rushing out another expansion so they can keep us busy while they abandon us to work on their "next" MMO. And back to the past? Is that all they could come up with? [​IMG] All I saw that was new were like 5 areas that appeared to be Dynamis-like versions of themselves with more buildings. So that's what we get? $30 for more dynamis? Great, make it free and rain currency and I'll go. Hell, maybe it will if it's in the past.

    What about the far east? What about the 4 other beastmen continents that have never been seen? There is at least 4 expansions worth of the current world left to be explored unless they plan on trying to cram it all into one. It just seems like they're really trying to hurry and wash thier hands of FFXI. Whatever MMO they've been working on better be worth it, because while I'm sure they have something great in the making, will it be worth throwing away everything I put into FFXI and everything left to start over?
  7. Koul

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    Chuggs M'Koul
    wow I think this is actually really freaking cool... get to see how everything was beforehand and shit is neat

    It'd be cool if they added Time Mage as a new job lol... it goes with the whole thing too ~~!!

    it does seem a little early though but... this'll push FF's life an extra year and a half I'm sure :p
  8. Aura

    Aura Active Member FC/Active Member

    >.> Considering all we've seen is one short video with no enemies and no context, I think it's a little early to judge lol.
  9. Garret

    Garret Galkasaur FC/Active Member

    I think it will come out later than Winter '07, my guess says it will get pushed back.

    IMO they've done a decent job fixing a lot of things recently though, especially old content.
  10. Benny

    Benny {too weak}{Black Mage} FC/Active Member

    I would drop everything and level Time Mage if they made it.
    Ditto for Geomancer.

  11. Koul

    Koul nyquil zombie FC/Active Member

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    Chuggs M'Koul
    I'd lvl freaking Geomancer in a second.... ohmygod
  12. Benny

    Benny {too weak}{Black Mage} FC/Active Member

    That's why you and me get along so damn well :)

  13. defiant

    defiant Active Member FC/Active Member

    Hoping for good story & Missions like COP, something with a challange. Toau has been weak mission wise >_>
  14. Pitlith

    Pitlith Pitorith Campaign 2008 Ultima Legacy

    Run here, talk to this NPC, zone once, run to this place, fight a BCNM, cure the taru from teh big bad khim, run back, talk to this npc, zone once, wait 1 day, take weapon off, talk to palace, read text.

    Congrats you are up to date on ToAU

  15. Yaeko

    Yaeko Princess Zelda

    Fucking Geomancer F T W. Been my favorite job forever, god I'd LOVE to see that job in this game. x_x;;;;
  16. Magos

    Magos Shantotto Fanboy

    Give us another Avatar, more Shantotto and NEW spells!!!

    Also, Geomancer or Time Mage would be freaking amazing.

    That is all.
  17. Lylie

    Lylie Annoying French person

    As bad as I wanted to bitch about a new expension when so many things would need to be fixed... I gotta say it looks pretty awesome. I just hope to God they're not making any level cap stuff like CoP, nor any event that require the same currency to participate in them all, nor anything impossible to do like Salvage, and please, NO MORE CHOCOBO, or make it easier (yellow chocobo only ftw?), faster (30 days to get a yellow bird...? another 30 days to see a rented chocobo run thrice as fast as you...?), funnier (no more 10min CS).

    Also hope they're fixing the economy, like entrance fees for Dynamis & Limbus (think I saw that being announced) a good server migration policy (I've seen they're making it a 90 days restriction for $25) and maybe make some "more oriented" servers for certain time zones that people will be able to choose (JP only will GTFO of here and be happy with their own kind, NA servers, EU servers etc.)
  18. Fayevalentine

    Fayevalentine Bebop Passenger

    Well we want some JP to stay...

    Aquazero :eek:~!
  19. Fodder

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    Fodder Dodder
    I think I recall hearing the same from you about Blue Mage
  20. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}


    I'll level GEO with you, though Benny. ^^;