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Discussion in 'Ultima Crafters Corner' started by Pitlith, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Pitlith

    Pitlith Pitorith Campaign 2008 Ultima Legacy

    Yes. Yes. Here are my stats that actually count.

    Leathercraft 100+2
    Blacksmithing 60
    Clothcraft 60
    Goldsmithing 41

    everything else is below 30 i believe.

    I do not mind whatsoever, to craft anything for the LS, for LS mates etc... for free just as long as it is for personal use and not personal gain. I plan on using the craft to gain personal profit from it, starting off, so that I may be able to help my LS Mates later on. So if you need a Nomad's mantle +1 and want to buy a Travelers Mantle or two to try and get lucky for HQ, I dont mind at all. You get the picture :)

    All of the above is pretty much the basic knowledge of crafting that i have said many times so nothing above should be new to anyone :shades02:

    So, with that said, let me know what to craft and I will see what i can do

  2. Garret

    Garret Galkasaur FC/Active Member

    Pit I'll be needing a signed Amemit+1 please.
  3. Pitlith

    Pitlith Pitorith Campaign 2008 Ultima Legacy

    I havent tried making Amemet+1 yet for profit so you can either wait for me to try it later on when i have some money or you can bring me materials and maybe get lucky on the first or second synth :) i have had great luck getting a HQ on 1-2 synths. the HQ rate on that is roughly 33% overall from what I have heard, but im closer the the 40-50% range. But it is always a chance so up to you.

  4. Aluciont

    Aluciont Aluboss FC/Active Member

    I would like Dusk Gloves +1, how soon can you make me one Pito? :arg:
  5. Talfus

    Talfus ~Lux Aeterna~

    Same Pitrith! Panther +1 would be nice also. :tounge-3:
  6. Pitlith

    Pitlith Pitorith Campaign 2008 Ultima Legacy

    rofl, ladies ladies ladies. no need to push :) I am almost dirt poor now from crafting adventures so it will be a while before i can even try to craft those things on my own. If you guys come across some materials for me to craft, i can always try to HQ them for ya :)

    I want all the MNKs/WARs in LS to have Panther Masks+1, all melee's to have Amemet mantle+1, RNG to have Dusk Trousers+1. etc etc. but maybe one day itll happen

  7. Darwen

    Darwen Fondue with Cheddar

    :bluewink: straight from Pitsniffs mouth, you heard it here folks...
  8. Pitlith

    Pitlith Pitorith Campaign 2008 Ultima Legacy

    haha, I may not have said those exact words in public, but one day it will happen and when it does, the earth will grow calm and silent from the awe of a miracle happening :)

    But oh, yes, it will.

  9. Fayevalentine

    Fayevalentine Bebop Passenger

    I got two amemet skins, I require a HQ signed mantle!
  10. Talfus

    Talfus ~Lux Aeterna~

    Pit, what would you say your chances in % are of HQ'n a Panther +1? Just wondering so I can start gathering materials. :0)
  11. Alduere

    Alduere New Member

    Considering its a level 100 craft I think, it's around 2% :p
  12. Talfus

    Talfus ~Lux Aeterna~

    Hmmm so 50 synths should yeild one? lol
  13. Alduere

    Alduere New Member

    Only luck and crafting without pants will do that.
  14. Mikejones

    Mikejones New Member

    Wtf yer problem, barbarian? Hows yer sister, anyway?
  15. Alduere

    Alduere New Member

    Shut up MJ. I'll kill you.

    My problem is that no one will craft my god damn Cmn.Earring :D
  16. Jotaru

    Jotaru shinobi-no-mono FC/Active Member

    FFXIV Name:
    Jotaru Maru
    Oi, MJ, his sister doin jus' fine, thanks for askin.

    Oh, sup Alduere.
  17. Darwen

    Darwen Fondue with Cheddar

    MY! Communion earring you mean?
  18. Alduere

    Alduere New Member

    /slap. It's mine, elf.
  19. Pitlith

    Pitlith Pitorith Campaign 2008 Ultima Legacy

    I really thought about gathering 50-75 Wyvern Skins for the hell of it again and crafting on the perfect day and moon just to see a Panther Mask +1. 50 synths with signature crystals are only ~10k Guild Points. I do have plans for stuff like this in the future. but until then, i may get lucky if you bring me materials, if you ever wanna try. :)

  20. Garret

    Garret Galkasaur FC/Active Member

    Pitlith, go make my Amemet+1 damnit.