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Discussion in 'Blue Mage' started by Araius, May 5, 2006.

  1. Araius

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    Aden (Adennak) and myself have been working diligently to figure out all of the skillchain properties and priorities for physical Blue Magic. So far I've compiled this information using his renkei chart format:


    Trouble is, we can't test or confirm any of them that still need checked because neither of us are 40 BLU yet :( Stupid finals :arg:

    He and I have compiled a list of tests we need run on KI and Alla but the response so far has been..umm...nonexistant :eek: I don't know if anyone here is 40 BLU but I figured I'd give it a shot since I know some people here like testing stuff :p


    Okay, I have some A/B/C trials that I need confirmations on. What I normally do is post specific tests that will give me the priority information that I need, so that's what I am going to do here.

    Uppercut This one is Thunder and Fire, but I don't know in what direction. Because they connect to each other (and not much else connects to both), it has to be an in-property test. Which means that Uppercut MUST START the Renkei used for the test, or else the other WS's priority will take effect. The good news is that Uppercut can Self Renkei, and that would work. In fact, any of these would give me the information I need:

    Uppercut > Uppercut = ?
    Uppercut > Spinning Axe = ?
    Uppercut > Spinning Attack = ?
    Uppercut > Full Swing = ?

    Screwdriver Much like Uppercut, Screwdriver appears to be self-referential. However, it is only self-referential in one direction, so linking it to itself would only ever produce Distortion. That being the case, I've also provided some alternate tests. Any of these would answer its priority question (by determining whether Screwdriver starts in Light or in Earth):

    Screwdriver > Tachi: Jinpu = ?
    Screwdriver > Spinning Axe = ?
    Screwdriver > Dancing Edge = ?


    Hopefully you get better feedback than I did :x I'll put what I posted before in a similar format, these should determine priorities as well:

    If these make Reverberation, Screwdriver's priority is Earth. If they make Compression, its Light.

    Screwdriver > Starburst = ?
    Screwdriver > Sunburst = ?

    If these make Fusion, Uppercut's priority is Fire. If they make Detonation, its Thunder.

    Uppercut > Raging Axe = ?
    Uppercut > Earth Crusher = ?
    Uppercut > Cyclone = ?
    Uppercut > True Strike = ?
    Uppercut > Blade: Jin = ?

    If these make Impaction, Death Scissors's priority is Water. If they make Distortion, its Light.

    Death Scissors > Avalanche Axe = ?
    Death Scissors > Spinning Axe = ?
    Death Scissors > Calamity = ?
    Death Scissors > Vorpal Blade = ?
    Death Scissors > Crescent Moon = ?

    If these make Distortion, Dimensional Death's priority is Light. If they make Detonation, its Thunder.

    Dimensional Death > Tachi: Jinpu = ?
    Dimensional Death > Dancing Edge = ?

    If these make Scission, Hysteric Barrage's priority is Wind. If they make Detonation, its Thunder.

    Hysteric Barrage > Tachi: Jinpu = ?
    Hysteric Barrage > Dancing Edge = ?

    If this makes Scission, Hysteric Barrage's priority is Wind. If it makes Liquefaction, its Thunder.

    Hysteric Barrage > Spinning Axe = ?

    If these make Fusion, Cannonball's priority is Fire. If they make Detonation, its Thunder.

    Cannonball > Raging Axe = ?
    Cannonball > Earth Crusher = ?
    Cannonball > Cyclone = ?
    Cannonball > True Strike = ?
    Cannonball > Blade: Jin = ?

    If these make Impaction, Vertical Cleave's priority is Ice. If they make Detonation, its Thunder.

    Vertical Cleave > Raging Axe = ?
    Vertical Cleave > Earth Crusher = ?
    Vertical Cleave > Cyclone = ?
    Vertical Cleave > True Strike = ?
    Vertical Cleave > Blade: Jin = ?

    Body Slam is easier to figure out. Start with any of the following WS's or BP's, end with Body Slam, and tell us the results:
    Piercing Arrow, Sidewinder, Empyreal Arrow, Split Shot, Slug Shot, Detonator, Raging Axe, Gale Axe, Steel Cyclone, True Strike, Gust Slash, Cyclone, Dancing Edge, Evisceration, Backhand Blow, Howling Fist, Blade: Rin, Blade: Chi, Blade: Jin, Blade: Ku, Tachi: Enpi, Tachi: Goten, Tachi: Jinpu, Double Thrust, Thunder Thrust, Raiden Thrust, Vorpal Thrust, Skewer, Vorpal Scythe, Earth Crusher, Shell Crusher, Power Slash, Poison Nails, Crescent Fang, Claw, Tail Whip.

    Any of the above > Body Slam = ?

    Spinal Cleave, on the other hard, is going to be tougher because it appears to have 3 elements associated with it. Taking this one step at a time is probably best, and testing it with itself will help quit a bit.

    If this makes Fragmentation, Spinal Cleave's top priority is Ice. If it makes Induration, its top priority is Thunder. If it makes Reverberation, its top priority is Earth.

    Spinal Cleave > Spinal Cleave = ?

    Once we've figured that much out, we can figure out what Spinal Cleave's secondary priority is.

    Also, not all of these need to be tested. Testing one SC for each spell is plenty to determine what we need to know.

    Thanks :shades02:
  2. Benny

    Benny {too weak}{Black Mage} FC/Active Member

    Me and Aelf can test a lot of this for you... BLU42 atm. Also I believe Aelfinn managed to close Reverberation with Terror Touch at one point? Not 100% certain but I thought he said so.

    How are you telling how many attributes each one has? Is there any possibility at all that any of the higher ones could have lv2 renkei attributes?

  3. Tarnak

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    i just did red lotus blade >> sickle slash for Gravitation
  4. Aelfinn

    Aelfinn Moose

    Circle Blade ('A' in Water renkei box) > Mandibular Bite ('?' in Ice renkei box)= Induration

    Mandibular Bite('?' in Ice renkei box) > ('B' in Thunder renkei box) Avalanche Axe/Raging Axe = Nothing

    makes Mandibular Bite's 'A' element as ice?

    not sure if thats how a/b/c are determined tho
  5. Benny

    Benny {too weak}{Black Mage} FC/Active Member

    Mandibular Bite should be ice only I believe

    the secret is in the stat boosts they give. Take a long look and you'll see what I mean.

  6. Tarnak

    Tarnak Naked Thief

    heres what i do niot skillchain related but it can be its good advice to bluemages.

    Chain affinity >> Sneak Attack >> Death Scissors usually does 6-700@100% and 900-1k+ @300%
  7. Benny

    Benny {too weak}{Black Mage} FC/Active Member

    I think we all knew death scissors was gonna be good >.> don't forget trick attack too, you're a squishy blue mage remember?

  8. Tarnak

    Tarnak Naked Thief

    ah yes i'll make sarahlynn feel the wrath of incineration ^^
  9. Aelfinn

    Aelfinn Moose

    ahh yeah i'd forgotten about the stat enhancements showing the elements... that makes it a good bit easier
  10. Araius

    Araius Fatty Pirate

    Forgot I had put this here :x Thanks so far guys. I'm halfway to 39 BLU now so I should be able to do some tests of my own soon.

    That stat boosts determining SC element isn't 100%, but it's damned close. There are an odd few that don't follow the rule (Death Scissors being one of them), but the vast majority seem to.

    And yeah Mandibular Bite is freakin weird. From what I've heard you can close Induration with it, but nobody I've heard from has had any luck starting Frag or Impaction with it, which should work...maybe a bug or the timing is just really picky.
  11. Tarnak

    Tarnak Naked Thief

    hey Araius give me a list of combonations you want me to do im nearly 69Bluemage
  12. Araius

    Araius Fatty Pirate

    Try anything and everything you can on these:

    58 - Flying Hip Press
    60 - Dimensional Death
    62 - Body Slam (likely has multiple SC traits)
    63 - Frypan
    63 - Hydro Shot
    63 - Spinal Cleave (likely has multiple SC traits, possibly 3)
    69 - Hysteric Barrage (likely has multiple SC traits)
    69 - Tail Slap

    I could also use either of the following SC's tested (need a 2nd person on these):

    Screwdriver >> Starburst
    Screwdriver >> Sunburst

    Also try beginning Fragmentation or Impaction with Mandibular Bite, if you could. Use any and all WS you can if you can't seem to get it to work.

  13. Benny

    Benny {too weak}{Black Mage} FC/Active Member

    Aelf and Arch tried to test this last night but Arch's 0% hit rate on Split Shot threw a wrench into the works (._.) /runaway

  14. Aelfinn

    Aelfinn Moose

    rofl benny, poor arch.

    mandibular > avalanche axe = impaction
    mandibular > cyclone = impaction

    ill try frag when i can.
  15. Araius

    Araius Fatty Pirate


    Thanks Aelf, that's reassuring. Try starting Compression with it too, while you're at it (end with uhh..Blade: Ei...Penta...whatever else)
  16. Archain

    Archain Kitteh Paws

    Bad night last night. If I wasn't double sixing repeatedly I was resting on unlucky numbers.

    I'll start going back to the sushi crutch that I hate so much.
  17. Araius

    Araius Fatty Pirate

    Updated, Dimensional Death found to close Fusion...very useful :D
  18. Aelfinn

    Aelfinn Moose

    very nice.
    got 55blu last night, closing in on testing flying hip press. hopefully by the end of next week ill be able to test that out. if i get a chance today ill screw w/mandibular bite and frag, along with screwdriver > sunburst
  19. Lylie

    Lylie Annoying French person

    Anyone have this chart with all WS and SC, but updated with Blue magic?
  20. Tarnak

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    Currently stuck at 70Bluemage. Party invites have come to a screeching halt.