All I have to say is WoW

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by Heie, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Heie

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  2. Zeri

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    Wow, someone actually tops Lexa. (jk!)

    So he does raids by himself? o_O Holy crap, I'm impressed (is that sad?). That's like soloing dynamis with your own alliances of characters.
  3. Ehon

    Ehon (Z_z)

    There was a dude in my old EQ2 guild that had 6 characters.. a tank, a HoT healer, a scout (ranger), an enchanter (illusionist), and direct healer, and a melee DPS... all on separate accounts... and he'd do instances and such by himself and/or would be single-person groups in raids. It was... disturbing.

    I have a hard enough time with one character. :(
  4. Ehon

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    Holy crap. That's half a year of mortgages... or like double what I spend on groceries per year.
  5. Benny

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    I wanna know what hobby he thinks costs more than 6000 a year... cocaine?

  6. Heie

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    Some extreme sports can cost more then that. I skydive and atm it costs me about $50 a jump. Once I get my own gear it will be about $25 a jump. But the gear can go anywhere from 1k-25k depending on if you go new, used, top of the line, custom, ect. There are some people at the drop zone I go to and they buy new rigs every year. They spend about 10k on thier rigs. So thats 10k a year just for the equipment much less jumping. I know Rock climbing can go past 5k a year easy depending where and what type of climbing you are doing. But yeah most hobbies don't go over 5k a year. There are some though.
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    There was a 5-boxer in my battleground group in WoW, all draeni shaman, and they would just roll around AV picking off people. Perfectly timed nukes, hitting you five at a time, making you frustrated.

    So I AFK'd to bang hot chicks in RL.
  8. Garret

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    Seriously, what's the point in playing a MULTIPLAYER game if you are going to do all that by yourself? Absolute waste of money and defeats 1/2 the purpose of the game.
  9. Benny

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    Wait, WoW is a multiplayer game?

  10. Tarnak

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    Wait people think WoW is worth money?
  11. Sojourn

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    So many possibilities...i'll leave it alone for now.
  12. Pitlith

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    Wait for it...... waaaaait for it...
  13. Sojourn

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    It's too easy, I'll have to find something else.
  14. Garret

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    Hey Soj, guess what?
  15. Koul

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    the farthest I'll go is running an alt through instances with my main and stuff.
  16. Lexa

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    Hey, now, while I have a lot of accounts, I rarely dualbox. :( Mainly because I just don't have the focus to be doing very advanced shit. I can handle some running around, farming, maybe some more "relaxed" events I've done a gazillion times (dynamis if I'm not main tank, etc) - but I once dualboxed for Dark Ixion, and NEVER AGAIN.

    Also, what kinda "hobbies" costs $5000+ a year? no, I'm seriously wondering. D: When I hear hobbies, I think gaming, scrapbooking, bento boxes, model airplanes, horseback riding, stuff like that...
  17. Tarnak

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    Have you priced a horse recently? lol
  18. Lexa

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    Horseback riding certainly didn't cost me $5000+ a year, and I went twice a week for over six years. And that was in freakin' Norway.
  19. Varda

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    You could add things like snow skiing (trips add up if you don't live close), sailing (esp. if maintaining a yacht), even stuff like coin collecting if you're really serious about it. My brother does competitive rifle shooting, and guns/ammo aren't cheap. I'm sure he doesn't spend nearly that much per year on it, but I bet he could.

    And just think of the people who treat gambling as a hobby. Odds are some of them lose large amounts.
  20. Pussenboots

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    Does drinking count as a hobby? I mean throw in a couple bottles of Effen a week, not to mention bar trips, I am sure it adds up. Not to mention the medical bills for when my kidneys fail.