Zilart Mission 17

Discussion in 'Rise of Zilart' started by Tarnak, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. Tarnak

    Tarnak Naked Thief

    i could use the final Zilart mission sometime if anyone would like to help me plan this it would be awesome :)
    So far it is
    Tarnak 75thf/nin
    Aangeliceus whm/something
    DDsavage 75nin/war
    Imangelix 75drk/thf or /war?
    Cendus Bard or smn
    Still need a one more person :)
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  2. Aangeliceus

    Aangeliceus Kitteh's Meow FC/Leadership

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    Asteria Terzi
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    Down with the kid!
  3. Firedragon

    Firedragon Guest Non-Validated User

    I still need 3 of the AA fights. Maybe we could take them out then do ZM17.
  4. DDSavage

    DDSavage Got rice??

    /// on it too
  5. ImAngelix

    ImAngelix Divine Failure

    I want to finish ZM's I've killed all the AA's but I have no problems fighting them again, if it means finishing the story I will gladly kill them again!
  6. Tarnak

    Tarnak Naked Thief

    Im done the AA's :p looking for people for ZM17 (final ZM) once i have the party needed i will plan a day and time that suits us all
  7. ImAngelix

    ImAngelix Divine Failure

    will do tarnak
  8. Cendus

    Cendus Guest Non-Validated User

    if ur still on it im interested. i can go brd or smn
  9. Gunman

    Gunman {Stun} {Man}

    ZM 17 as well, Have drk or pld to use
  10. Neodevilbane

    Neodevilbane Master of the Martini

    Waiting on this one forever.
  11. Kenshinth

    Kenshinth Uber War

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    Kenshinth Liong
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    can go as WAR
  12. Aura

    Aura Active Member FC/Active Member

    I did Divine Might, I think that counts as all the AA missions. If so I can go, assuming there's nothing else I need to do in between.
  13. Tarnak

    Tarnak Naked Thief

    ok just need to set a date to go might require going several times since a few of you need this.
  14. Sassafras

    Sassafras Calendar Girl FC/Active Member

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    Sassafras Rosa
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    Evil Child!

    Death to this little man! (and I don't mean a taru!)
  15. furax

    furax Chikubi FC/Leadership

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    Matoi Ryuuko
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    There are several cutscenes needed after divine might. One being in norg, you speak to lion's dad, I forgot his name; and the last in celestial nexus.

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