Your Expectations For The Next Expansion

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    What you want to see or experience in next expansion? Imagine there are no limits. What you want to see?

    Speaking for myself:

    • I'd love to see the storytelling in some way exceed what everything what we experience today. I want be emotionally destroyed. So I will be need like intensive therapy for next 2 years.
    • New, original, no battle content. Maybe something like animal taming/training? Just to have happy minions, that can do some nice tricks or even works somewhat like retainers?
    • Remeake of Housing. I love neighborhood idea, and I would love to see a new level of this idea. It's any secret that accesibility to this content is very limited. Maybe some story that will destroy much part of Eorzea, could help to make a big rehaul of this system. Simultaneously:
    • Less loading time. One thing that catches the eye people that come from WoW are frequent loading time through one zone to other. I understand that roots of this design are in console capabilites. But soon we will have PS5, support for PS4 will end. Maybe it will be possible to make Eorzea and other reflections of the world to feel like one place?

    But it is only my dreams. Nothing that I realistically expects from next expansion. But what do you think?

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