Xarcabard [S] Adventures!!

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XI - Media' started by Fiko, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Found the dragon!



    Sucks for them...


    Greater Amphiptere!


    Sucks for us.. note to self: it aggros to HP


    Thinks he's funny..


    And flies off into the distance..

    Meanwhile, in a not-so-remote location...


    Looks inviting..

    EDIT: BTW, the behemoth mob there is an NPC.. so don't get *too* worked up. still a rather gruesome sight.
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  2. Rubydream

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    Yeah the drag was pretty awesome! Friend and I zoned in, retraced us, then we warped back out there to be greeted by a lot of dead people, the ground shaking and the drag flying, landing, and walking around. We didn't stick around to long to find out when was it our turn to get eaten. While exploring both new zones, I saw a lot of ITG mobs.
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    Look it all the fun I am missing. Sigh.
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    In that second to last picture it looks like he's carrying you off Fiko :O