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  1. Coice

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    75? 85 now? WTF? Sounds broken.
  2. defiant

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    Is it tempting you back ? o_O
  3. Zeri

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    Actually I'm wondering, has it made merits useless yet?
  4. Fodder

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    Merits are just as useful as they were previously. Abyssea has made meriting quite easy with a good group. You can go from 75-80 + 10 merits in a matter of hours. I've been in groups that have done as much as 80k/hr once lights are capped. A friend took his 37 sch in and exited at lvl 68, then the next day exited at lvl 80 with some merits. That's pretty darn good compared to bird camp/level sync, etc.
  5. Ilmgard

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    does anybody still play i'm tempted to test it out?
  6. Arafea

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    damn... why they tempt me soooo good...

  7. defiant

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  8. Ilmgard

    Ilmgard Fat Ass

    i'm a little tempted also
  9. Coice

    Coice Die Recently?

    I still have an account... I have *NO* time for FFXI. I couldn't even watch my mog spin, lol.

    Maaaaaaaybe I'll try 14....ahhh.