Who Are The Trolls In This Forum (and What Do They Want?)

Discussion in 'FFXIV Feed Test Area' started by RSS News, Feb 23, 2021 at 6:44 PM.

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    I'm new to this forum so I'm not really aware of trolling here. On Reddit there are the so-called "downvote trolls" that intentionally post alarming bait material that receive hundreds to thousands of downvotes. I do not understand the reason for them doing so, however.

    It seems like, though, that every other thread that I've visited (yes, I looked through the entire first page since I was bored :p) someone calls out the OP for being a troll. I've avoided posting in those threads so far.

    There are a lot of threads where people accuse the OP of being a troll like



    Many people also complained about trolls in the discussion thread I started yesterday when I asked about the high volume of drama here. Someone mentioned "There's a few notable trolls (MPK for example)".

    I can't distinguish between legitimate posters and trolls, so help me out here: who are the trolls in this forum, and how do I avoid them? Bonus: What do they want (on Reddit they apparently want negative karma, not sure why though)?

    Edit: Since there's a post limit I cannot reply to everyone but I'll like your post if you help me out! I'll try to communicate via edits!

    Edit2: Looks like I'm already being trolled by the first reply so now I've personally experienced trolling on the forums, I suppose.

    Edit3: Oh wow, just noticed the reply is from MPK. Should I feel honored to be trolled by a notable troll or worried? :p

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    To be honest, anyone that posts something absolutely stupid that you fundamentally disagree with or comes across as someone you wouldn't want to meet on the street I'd class as a troll.

    The reason being is if you can discern in a paragraph that they are not relatable and are not a nice person, then you have enough information to make the call to note devote any further attention or energy.
    I don't think fundamentally disagreeing with someone would be trolling. IMO trolling is intentional, in that someone trolls when they want to make people upset without necessarily holding that PoV.

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    Typically the trolls are the ones claiming people are a troll.

    Sharing an unpopular opinion as a counterpoint to gcbtw consensus is often called out as “trolling” to certain delicate individuals, but that’s only because the gcbtw isn’t accustomed to outsiders.

    Keep in mind the worst of the worst of that gcbtw make this game notorious for death threats and dogpiles the instant any criticism is levied against their precious game.
    I can agree with you but it's hard for me to differentiate between genuine unpopular opinions and "troll" unpopular opinions. Guess that's Poe's law in action :p


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    I wouldn't go down this road. Its too close to naming and shaming. Which will get you banned faster than being a troll will ever. Only advice I would give is checking first post date to see if it been necro. Those are typically troll post to start off with. And the necro typically is too.
    Thanks for the tip. It's the same on Reddit where you can't name and shame but I'll watch out for that here too!


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    There has been one particular troll that has multiple accounts, so people usually accuse any troll of being him. Or anyone who found an old thread through google and bumped it, since he's known for his necro bumps.

    Just don't worry about it. Trolls gonna troll. You probably can't avoid them or get them banned, but most of the time they aren't even aggressive or inflammatory since the rules around here are strict about that.
    Thank you. I just don't want to fall into an endless discussion with someone who isn't even genuine. If I can't avoid that, oh well, but maybe someone will find that discussion useful :p

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