What's The Story Behind Your Name?

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    Some people think a long time before deciding what their characters name is. Some pick one they think sounds fun, or one to match their friend.

    Either way, what thoughts went into your name?
    And if your name in game doesn't match your forum name, is there a story there too?

    For my in game name,
    I choose Iiiiiiiiiiit's Meeeee because I was gonna play as a short little Lala that would be hard to see, so I wanted a very wide name so I could always see it amidst the other players and explosions. My name was basically made to be a big sign so I'd always know where I am lol
    Also, so I could be very cheeky. When my girlfriend was trying to find me when we first met up in game, she asked what my name was and I told her "you'll recognize me when you see me. My name will let you know that it's me."

    As for my forum name,
    I was having a lot of errors when I tried to enter I"iiiiiiiiiit's Meeeee" in as my forum name and ItMe is just the first variation it took.

    How about for you?

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