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    First off I would like to explain I enjoy 80 warrior. I like it's sustainability. I like it's heavy hitting play style. I actually enjoy it's simple rotation.

    But the one thing that I can't wrap my head around is Nascent Flash. The more that I use it the more I want bloodbath back. Bloodbath is a superior skill compared to how Nascent Flash works with another party member. Bloodbath lasts longer and is easier to use (PS4 player). With that being said I don't understand SE's idea being giving warrior an inferior skill that relies on another party member to work. You can't even use it soloing to boot.

    Now I understand the idea behind nascent flash in sustainability don't get me wrong there. But for boss fights it feels useless compared to what Raw Intuition offers with such a short cooldown.

    Nascent Flash needs reworked given the clunkyness and changed to
    Bathed in Blood (trait) - Everytime a rage spending skill is executed you gain a stack of Bathed in Blood with max stacks of 5. Using the Bathed in Blood skill (takes the place of nascent flash) heals self for 400 cure potency per stack. Additional Effect: Thrill of Battle extends the heal to party members in 10 yalm radius. Bathed in Blood has a 90 second cooldown, and stacks can be gained at any point until player decides when to use them after cooldown expires.

    This would honestly fix the solo aspect, and the clunky feeling from nascent is fixed with thrill of battle additional effect healing the party rather then one person, and that stacks can be used when the warrior decides. Sort of an "Oh Crap!" button that can be used every 90 seconds. I like the idea that I can use this whenever I want and couple it with thrill of battle when I decide based on what I need or the party needs. Definitely more QOL. I would like to see the warrior leave the burst window idea behind nascent with a more use it when you think you need it idea. The cure potency seems high imo, and what do you guys think? Let me know with your comments. I love theory crafting all the time based on what would I like the job to identify with. Warrior needs to be: Chaos, Blood, Uncontrollable rage, Comrade.

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