Very Heavy Foliage Shimmering

Discussion in 'FFXIV Feed Test Area' started by RSS News, Aug 2, 2020.

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    So i Started FF14 after a Year and everything is Fine its Runs on Max Smooth i have 85-100FPS but i use 60FPS Anyway runs very good.

    The Big big big Problem is when im Standing Still Game is Okay BUT when im Starting to Move The Trees Grass and Ground Texture i Noticed starting to Shimmer like Crazy like some Ants running arround it Hurts my Eyes after a Time and ruins everything its like a Mess.

    I have Turned of Grass this Helps only For the Grass but Trees etc are Still Shimmering

    I Tried every Graphic setting on and off Window Mode Full Screen Window Mode

    I Tried GShade with some Setting it makes the Game better Looking but the Shimmering on Trees Grass and Everything stays..

    Im on an GTX 970 4GB with the Newest Driver Updates i even Tried to Manage some Nvidia Control Panel Setting but i makes no Difference.

    I Think a Year ago with the SAME Pc i didnt Changed 1 thing it wasnt the Problem.

    Is There any Fix for this bcs in Some Areas with many Trees or Grass the Screen is just a Eyesore x.x

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