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    I. Respect the OSA staff (Online Service Admins):

    While we try to be available around the clock to provide assistance to players, we may not always be around. When we are around and ask you to do or not to do something, please respect those commands. If you have a complaint against an admin for something you feel that was abusive or unjust, please send us a notice to aod@ultima-gaming.com -- We will address any and all issues to the best of our ability.

    II. Use of exploits or hacks:

    Use of known map exploits, hacks or any 3rd party tool to gain an advantage over other players is strictly prohibited. If you see someone that you think is hacking or exploiting a map, please file a complaint at the bans website: http://www.ultima-gaming.com/bans --. If you are caught exploiting or hacking, you will be banned. If you don't know if what you are doing is allowed, chances are, it is not!

    III. No mic/console spamming.

    This rule is fairly straight forward. If you don't understand this, then don't bother connecting to our servers. We understand that some sound clips played for others may be in good spirits, but please make it reasonable in a way that does not impede on other players' game play.

    IV. No racist comments/nicknames/sprays.

    If this is not clear enough for you, then you probably have no business playing on our servers. This includes anything that you think may offend another player. We will do our best to keep this under wraps, all text chat is logged. FYI: We are against the idea of installing a filtering system; however we will do so if this becomes a cancerous problem.

    V. Avoiding the Team Balance logic control.

    The team balance module is there for a reason; please do not try to circumvent its given purpose. You may use the buddy system menu to pair up with one friend, so that you can stay on the same team. Please to do not purposely stack teams, if an admin is present and there is obvious team stacking, they may restart the map or remove offending players from the server.

    VI. Advertising for other servers or clans.

    Advertising of other servers or clans is not permitted within the Ultima Gaming servers. The cost that is paid to run these services is not a free advertising ground for clans or other servers. Anyone seen doing so will be warned and then removed from the servers if the advertisements continue.

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