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    Mission 1-1 - Land of Sacred Serpents

    Talk to Naja Salaheem at (I-10) in Aht Urhgan Whitegate.

    Mission 1-2 - Immortal Sentries

    Find an NPC at any of the staging points.
    Deliver the key item supplies, and use the teleporter back to Aht Urgan Whitegate.
    Talk with Naja Salaheem. After this cutscene you get access to Mog Lockers and Sanction.

    Title Obtained: Private Second Class

    Mission 1-3 - President Salaheem

    Talk to Rytaal at the Commissions Office at (K-10) in Aht Urhgan Whitegate.
    After waiting for Japan to hit midnight.
    Talk to Naja again and you will get a cutscene involving Raillefal.

    Mission 1-4 - Knight of Gold

    Talk to Cacaroon (G-11) near the mog house in Whitegate. He asked for an Imperial Bronze Piece. I said no, and he gave me the option to pay 1000 gil instead.
    After trading Cacaroon 1000 gil, go to the Walahra Temple at (K-7) and go towards the Astral Candescence to get a CS.
    Next, run to the tea house at (K-12) and you will get a CS as you approach. Don't think it matters what you choose.

    Mission 1-5 - Confessions of Royalty

    Run to Sandy > Chateau d'Oraguille and talk to Halver at (I-9).

    Mission 1-6 - Easterly Winds

    Wait until midnight JST again and approach the Audience Chamber in Ru'Lude Gardens for a CS. You get 10 Imperial bronze pieces afterwards.

    Mission 1-7 - Westerly Winds

    Go to the tea house again for the next CS.
    You recieve an Imperial silver piece this time. Go back and talk to Naja again and you get ANOTHER Imperial silver piece and a new title.

    Title Obtained: Agent of the Allied Forces

    Mission 1-8 - A Mercanary Life

    Complete each Tier 1 Assault Mission.

    Speak with Naja. She asks for an Imp wing, Trade the Imp wing.

    Rank 2

    Title Obtained: Private First Class

    Mission 2-1 - A Mercenary Life II

    Complete each Tier 2 Assault Mission. OR complete several missions (repeat Tier 1 and Tier 2)

    Mission 2-2 - A Merenary Life III

    Naja sends you out to find Warhorse Hoofprints in an open area of the Aht Urgan region to get a key item.

    Return to Naja and receive a CS and promotion of rank.

    Title Obtained: Superior Private

    Mission 2-3 -

    Naja commands you to continue doing assault missions, this time at the tier 3 level as well as the second and first tiers. (Currently working on)

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