This Whole Situation Is Only So Bad Because Warnings Stay Permanently

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    I'm sorry to say it, but this really is it.

    People wouldn't be as upset about getting a warning if it was something that left your account after a year. It would still be absolutely stupid to get a Warning about absolutely nothing, but it wouldn't be the end of the world..

    This subreddit is full of people who are deathly afraid of socially interacting in the game. They don't talk in party chat during duties. They don't send /tells to people they don't know. And oh gods, they are afraid to touch the shout chat. Hell, they are worried that spamming holy in a city might get them banned.

    And what is at fault? SE's unreasonable permanent Account Strike policies in combination with their badly trained GMs.

    There are people out there who messed up twice almost ten years ago and now know that doing something like making a Party Party finder could randomly get them instantly permabanned. A decade later.

    This leads to a few problems:

    1. Square Enix are currently the only MMO publisher who has a system this overly punishing in place.
    2. You can get permanently banned for things you did when you were a different person entirely.
    3. There is terrible communication about warnings & bans - with no recourse whatsoever. Support will never, ever, remove an account warning if you have one.

    And until one, or all of these bullet points are addressed, it will forever be a sore on their reputation.

    Edit: Thanks for the award, even if this will die in /new!

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