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    I have not seen this turn up in Wiki or BG-wiki so posting here so I can find it:

    There is a ~ quest to enable you to get to places that are currently inaccessible in the present but that are accessible in the past. It allows you to take a short-cut to Bastok from North Gustaberg, to go the Glacier from Batallia, and to pass gate 2 in Garliage.

    1. Go to the past and talk to the 3 "Lycopodium" NPC's staring at the light for a cutscene. (Your memory is engraved with an image of your surroundings and the fragrance of flowers.) You do not have to talk to all 3 in order to activate the ability to warp. You can do each spot any time. For example, you can do Gustaberg only and do the others anytime.

    2. When you want to warp over the obstacle, go to the same spot in the future and trade one of the (listed below) flowers to the [ ] with the light on it to be teleported up or down. This consumes the flower you traded. There is a [ ] on either side of where you wish to warp.

    Flowers that reportedly work:

    Asphodel, Lilac, Amaryllis, Marguerite, Carnation, Rain lily
    , (Not Red Rose)

    The exact positions of the three Lycopodiums in the past are:
    • Batallias Downs (F-5) Just east of the "mound" on the map
      [*]North Gustaberg (F-9) At the ramp up and down
      [*]Garlaige Citadel (E-8) (on the map south and west of Banishing Gate #2) At "C" on the 3rd map found here:

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    The wiki actually had the info listed under Lycopodium (NPC)

    This is a lot more detailed though
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    Thanks ET Haha I fail at searching wiki :eek:. I looked for sparkling light, etc and never thought to look for Lycopodeum .. probably because it is harder to spell :p