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    So I feel kinda bad that I disappeared for awhile, after going from playing with some of y'all every single day to uh ... not.

    We had a bit of a house fire. Apparently having a good size heater, slow cooker, TV and all that jazz on one power strip is bad. It's my fault, with me telling my little brother he can hook up the slow cooker on my strip since all the kitchen outlets were in use.

    My computer got a bit damaged and now I'm moving so I've been saving up for that. In the meantime I've been using a far weaker computer that can run League of Legends, but not FFXIV so I let the subscription run out. In all honesty it was time for me to upgrade and I discovered the "fire" very quickly so there wasn't a lot of damage. Only to my pride, an old TV, a semi-nice set of headphones and the side of my computer. As some of you guys know, I'm incredibly lazy, so I spent my time moping and playing League and getting ready for grad school as opposed to working on FFXIV since I figured I was soooo far behind gear/experience wise compared to everyone else.

    But -- I'm hoping to have some sort of solution up and running before the expansion comes out, or shortly after it. I'll probably buy a friend's nicer computer and see if FFXIV works on it. It'll be better than ghetto playing FFXI on a busted laptop back in the day ^^;. I'm a little worried about my gear being so out of date though. There is a level cap increase right? Does that mean everything currently will be outdated?

    Can't wait to come on back, see y'all and do more of the Hildibrand questline haha :D

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