Something? Anything? For Active Players? Please?

Discussion in 'FFXIV Feed Test Area' started by RSS News, Jun 30, 2020.

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    Is there any chance, there can be changes, or content added for people who actually play the FFXIV?

    I understand the vast vast majority of people do not even play this game at all.

    -Raiders who play FFlogs
    -RP/ERP people who play party finder
    -Cheaters who buy clears
    -People who use skip potions and jump potions.
    -People who afk in Limsa
    -People who play Discord
    -People who play Instagram
    -People who play Twitch
    -People who use XIV to make money such as "art commisions"

    The list goes on.

    There are countless changes, and "things" being added to the game at a massive rate, and I was wondering if there would be any possiblity for something to be added for people who play regularly.

    Examples of things changed/added for people who do not play:

    Literally the entire mogstation:
    -Dances for people who afk in Limsa
    -Previous Seasonal event items for people who werent subscribed or didnt do the events.
    -Level skip potions, I mean this is literally paying to not play.
    -Story skip potions, another example of literally not playing FFXIV

    Changes made for people who do not play:
    -Crafting insane EXP buff. People who cant bother to put time into leveling crafting can now level at double the rate as original players.
    -Gathering insane EXP buff. Same as above.
    -ARR Story changes. For people who cant be bothered to do 13% of the existing quests.
    -Other countless changes making existing/veteran players time invested a joke, such as
    Desynth changes, Previous Relic changes, Eureka changes, Diadem changes, Echo added, the list goes on and on.

    I mean, we're now even getting stickers for people who play Instagram instead of FFXIV.

    Meanwhile, I cant even turn off notifications for:

    (Do I literally need to see these things 10,000+ times each?)

    "Quest accepted"
    "FATE Joined"
    "Zone changed"
    "You gathered an item"
    "You crafted an item"
    "Area changed"
    "You equip gearset ###"
    "You are 6 or more levels above the recommended level for this FATE. To join, please use the level sync function located in the duty list."

    So on and so forth.

    I mean seriously, do people love 90's internet where you had constant pop-ups? Cause that is exactly what this is. Completely useless information that absolutely floods your screen constantly non stop for absolutely no reason at all whatsoever.

    Is this really really really too much to ask for?

    While I'm here, can I please have auto-hide chat log yet? Both FFXI and FFXIV 1.0 had this, why does this game STILL not have it?

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