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Discussion in 'FFXIV Feed Test Area' started by RSS News, Feb 14, 2020.

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    Yoshi-P, honey, you know I have absolutely mad respect for you and the dev team. You put up with a lot of abuse from us, and despite that you hold your heads high and do your level best to churn out all sorts of wonderful content.

    This is especially true for your efforts with housing. Furnishings have exploded by leaps and bounds, and I am absolutely thrilled with that. Truly!

    But... the increase in available furnishings does present a problem. Too many items we want to use, and not enough slots to use them in. I know we've been asking and asking for this, but I'm going to ask one more time.

    Please, please, take a good hard look at increasing our limits? At least a little?

    I understand there are system/coding issues, but surely the code, budget, and technology have improved enough we have a little flex by now? And we don't need another straight doubling like we got last time, though that would be nice. We can work with smaller increments over time.

    Maybe 50-100 for a small, 100-150 for a medium, and 150-200 for a large?

    Just that alone would go a very long ways towards giving us the flex we need to fully enjoy all the wonderful furnishings, new and old, we have.

    Thank you,
    A decorator who loves details in her work

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