Snoll Tzar

Discussion in 'Chains of Promathia' started by Yaeko, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Yaeko

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    I'm looking for 3xRDM for this fight {besides myself}. We have 14 Cluster Cores at the moment. Wanting to get this damn mission out of the way.

    Stel, Valgavv, please let me know when you are avaliable. I'd like to try this on Tuesday night if it is possible. Maybe around 6~7pm EST.
  2. Valgavv

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    Thx to Spund, Boots, and aqua for the assistance.. I hope to keep moving forward...good ol win... We'll get'er done Yaeko~~
  3. Aangeliceus

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    So... what did you guys do different this time?

    And I'm very pleased to see that you guys finally beat this thing. :D
  4. Valgavv

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    Valgavv Lyzen
    meh we added another rdm... the battle was quick too.. salts landed when they were suppose to... Ummm I think ES enfeeblin' worked to our advantage.. there was a time when aqua was kiting Snoll and he was the only mage up @1% ... and I manage to build up enough hate (with my chicken knife FLEE ftw) to get it's attention just in time for it to do that 1 shot tp move. Bought enough time for mages to RR and Yaeko to Nuke it for the kill... lol it was kinda crazy that last bit of %..

    This time Stel didn't die from 1shot first time.. Aqua did lol..Damagin' crazy taru.. so Stel lasted a good bit before meeting his end... The battle was kinda crazy to really follow so this is just my interpretation, lol I'm sure yaeko and the others can add to or correct meh lol.
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  5. Yaeko

    Yaeko Princess Zelda

    lol...I have to say I was kinda scared when I was the only one left up (i think?) and saw that big huge bomb coming at me, only to get off that final Fire II that killed it, god I was shaking really bad. hehe ^^;;;;

    thank god that is over! @.@
  6. Fodder

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  7. Pitlith

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    Congrats everyone! That is 1 less fight you have to do to get sea!

  8. Eticket

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    Grats! Just one more headache and it's all downhill after that.