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    There is a solution I discovered for the 'Shell Game' minigame (spinning 3 cups) that I believe hasn't been discussed on here, if it has already been public knowledge then I apologize but for those who didn't know this, then you are welcomed to try!

    But it is not RNG. First you must follow the cup with the coins normally until the insane impossible-to-follow spin at the very end. However the last spot BEFORE the insane rotation it landed on is the correct one with the coins.

    I initially did some research myself on this as I was thinking there must be a way to find out the bonus coins and not being based on luck due to all GATES requiring some type of skill (Windblows is RNG but memorizing patterns is a type of skill) then this being completely random would be unfair and trying this got me great results.

    This has worked out for me all the time however it is possible that it could all been 100% luck on my end but try it for yourselves and give me the results. Hope this all make sense and I've been very curious for a long time about this theory so looking forward to see if it's true. Hope for the best!

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