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    Personally I think it's the only thing the job's got going for it. One use every 4 min makes it not terribly useful. It's an "Oh hey, cool. My next spell will cost half the mp," but not something reliably useful to a party. Maybe starting off with 3 charges and moving up to 5 would make the job more attractive, especially as a subjob for BLMs. While it has some perks, most the consensus I've seen is "No Blink or Stoneskin? No thanks."
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    Seems great for WHM. I'll take 125mp R3 anyday! Add to that finally being able to land Drain and Aspir? It's Healer Heaven.
  4. Araius

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    I could care less about Blink or Stoneskin. I'll probably sub it for RDM solely for the Regen II and way better Drains/Aspirs. I'm not sure about taking it to 75, I guess it depends on how nice the Helices are.

    Also they fixed the Strategems :( So leveling it is going to be more of a pain now.
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