Saturday Zhayolm Remnants

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  1. mhmmimafreakk

    mhmmimafreakk Da FrEaK oF NaTuRe

    10-11 est ish

    Main goal is 15 Usukane feet

    If 1st Floor Madame Drops them can do both 35 dropiing NMs

    If 1st Floor Madame dont drop them unfortunatly whole run is dedicated to get to 4fN in under 30 mins to pop 4fn frog which is auto 15 usu feet marduk legs and skadi mask if this happens everyone will get 2 points for run except myself.

    Please everyone bring 10-15 hi pots each to pop 1f madame need to clear an entire wing of mobs without USEING ANY CELLS!!!!A wing consists of 16 mobs which will all be puks.

    Once we clear wing and pop frog we can use cells and farm what we need then kill madame.If no drop we skip 2nd and third floors completely to make 4FN in under 30 min.
  2. mhmmimafreakk

    mhmmimafreakk Da FrEaK oF NaTuRe

    Also a side note if people dont want to join in on this run because it has potential to only be a lvl 15 farm run then your more then welcome its all good.

    Also updateing our rules to add that if anyone is 2/3 and in need of lvl 15 next run will always be a run to obtain the 15.This usually only ever happens on 100% lvl 15 dropiing NM cause we focus on 35s/25s before a auto lvl 15 unless auto lvl 15 is in our path and dont screw up route.Which really is only the case in zhayolm sadly.