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Discussion in 'Ultima Salvage' started by mhmmimafreakk, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. mhmmimafreakk

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    Lawl i have got asked about this like 5 times in last few days and obviously commen sense hasnt hit some people !

    Points posted in trophy thread under each run are the points u get for that run ! Not your total

    Total points are in SALVAGE POINTS/RULES thread

    /light turns on
  2. Magos

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    Uhhh not to nitpick or anything (and I'm sorry but there isn't any other place to post this) but

    Doesn't that mean Spit should have lost 5 points instead of just 2? My understanding was that if you win something at all, you get NO points for the run so it wasn't -5 +3 = -2. Just want to double check.
  3. Pitlith

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    At first you would get 0 points for a run if you won a 25 piece and also be deducted 5 points if you lotted at that level, but after many questions, and im of course not speaking for freak here only relaying what he said early tonight, it has been changed to where you still gain points like everyone else, and also lose 5 points. The -2 is really +3 for 35 he didnt get and -5 is for the 25 he did receive.
  4. mhmmimafreakk

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    Ive gotten numerous complaints about not gaining points on a run when you get just a 25 so i changed the rule the other night.Rule was changed night before last not last night when i got 25 drop just to be clear.Pit be my witness