Salvage Group, Do you need one?

Discussion in 'Ultima Salvage' started by Sozo, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Sozo

    Sozo Banned Banned Account

    Looking for a few more members, we can work on the times

    - Sozo
    - Lilswitche
    - Barberus
    - Erati

    I know some people had interest in a group, looking for any combo of the following job(s): thf, whm, > rdm, mnk, blm, brd, > DD
    1 from each group would be great, or a mixture of w/e.

    send me a /tell in game. Hopefully we can schedule 3-5 runs a week
  2. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

    I thought Lilswitche boycotted Ultima?
  3. Sozo

    Sozo Banned Banned Account

    guess not all of us?
  4. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

    I believe his exact words were "/blist add ultima" lol. Anyway, I don't really have time for Salvage atm but good luck to your group.
  5. Sozo

    Sozo Banned Banned Account

    thanks... now back on topic
  6. Zeri

    Zeri Retainer of the House of Ultimague

    I know you invited me in the other thread when I said I had been trying to form a group. Just wanted to let you know I'm going to have to hold off on well... everything for a bit. Going in for surgery December 9 and it'd be unfair for me to say "Hey, sure!" and then not be around. So at risk of being off topic, just wanted to give you a definitive answer FYI and good luck.