Remember the days...

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    When you may not be able to log on during version update day because the update servers were too congested, and you'd have to try over and over and over again... and maybe... sometime that night, you'll have finally finished updating FFXI... and can play.

    I was not one of the smart people to, you know, do something else that night and worry about it the next day. Nope, I HAD TO UPDATE FFXI... so I can look at a pretty empty linkshell because everyone else was having the same problem..

    Still haven't reactivated my account for FFXI, but made a free trial account to update FFXI in the mean time... estimated time remaining: 34 minutes.. going along pretty smoothly. I tried reading the update notes, but I don't know half of the things mentioned.. except... increasing range of certain skills. That, I do understand!!

    I wish more people still logged on here, at least to lurk, but at least I know Aang is always popping on here, since it's his forum and all.. lol, so at least I know I'm not talking to myself!

    I even went and looked at some profiles to see when people logged on last... made me sad... but this place still brings back memories. I wish I took more screen shots back in the day. I have a good amount saved, but could have so much more, lol. It's mostly WTF-moments that I have saved.

    Anyway, just random thoughts... laterz!