Raising The Item Level Is Pointless Outside Of Savage.

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    With 6.0 being the next expansion, and I assume Square-Enix will be going nuts with the item level for leveling dungeons I'm here to say this simple thing.

    It is pointless to raise the item level of gear outside of savage/tome gear.

    Here is why.

    (I will start with why item level matters for raid/tomes.)

    Crafting gear needs to be relevant, so the normal mode raid item level would be equal to the crafting gear item level.

    Lets say 510 for the next raid.
    So thats:
    -510 Normal Raid/Crafted gear.
    -520 Tome gear/Upgraded crafting gear, 24 man raid gear.
    -530 Next cap item level.

    Here is why any other item level is pointless.

    -Dungeons, level and/or item level sync you.
    -Bozja item level syncs you.
    -Unreal item level syncs you.

    Most importantly:
    All gear basically just becomes glamour in the long run. No gear is customizable and lasts longer than a "Even number" patch cycle. No gear is upgradable, lasting longer than a "even number" patch cycle.

    I feel it would be much much much more sensible to create all the dungeon gear as level 1, so its usable by all level jobs within that given category, and it also saves up a lot of development time if they spread out the gear designs.

    Doing this would also free up time to develop gear properly for all races especially the very neglected Hrothgar and Viera.

    Gear item level only matters in raids/savage/crafting.

    The rest is glamour.

    Stop wasting time making gear just for the sole purpose of item level inflation, and spend more time on the things players ask for such as headgear and back gear that properly fits Hrothgar, Viera, Miqo'te and Au Ra.

    Thank you.

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