Purple, The New Black Dragon -- Who needs?

Discussion in 'Wings of the Goddess' started by Ehon, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Ehon

    Ehon (Z_z)

    If interested in doing a few runs to get people through the La Value dragon fight, let me know. I know Chame and I need it and a few spoke up of catching up.

    It was mentioned it "can" be soloed--but geh, why risk it when you can take 3-4 friends and just beat it to the ground. :)

    Also looking for people interested in running through city quests--I have most of the Sandy ones done, but would love to do the Windy and Bastok ones (mainly for the good loot). :)
  2. Sojourn

    Sojourn Banned for hotter e-lovin.

    I haven't even done the cait cs so i have no idea how far back i am from that. OH WLELLWEL
  3. Talfus

    Talfus ~Lux Aeterna~

    I'm in bastok, stuck on the quadav bc atm.
  4. Heie

    Heie Freefaller FC/Active Member

    Talfus, Poke me for that bcnm. Did it already and it was pretty easy. You need a decent amount of dmg to kill them all though. First time I did it time ran out on the 6th quad as rdm/nin. Bene sucks when they get it off. Went back with Rhine and I think we cleared it in 10 minutes.
  5. Talfus

    Talfus ~Lux Aeterna~

    Good to know it can be duo'd. lol
    Think Sass might still need this as well, dunno.

    I might be logging on tonight sometime, rl has been busy outside work lately. :hmm:
  6. Heie

    Heie Freefaller FC/Active Member

    It can be soloed pretty easy if you can heal yourself and have a decent amount of dmg. Rdm nuking wasn't enough dmg cause of resting mp. Rdm might be able to take if you melee and nuke. Nin/dnc I am sure could do it as an example.
  7. Talfus

    Talfus ~Lux Aeterna~

    I'll just run deretic up to that mission and go with mnk and whm. lol
  8. Zeri

    Zeri Retainer of the House of Ultimague

    Quadav BC, is that the one where you have to kill the sapphire and sappharine quadavs? I solo'd that as smn. Easy stuff yo. We can go kick it for you.

    And Ehon, I can come help you with Dragon BC anytime you want. It's a fast fun fight. Oh, and the CS is awesome. I've got such a little girl crush on Ragelise! :D /squee!
  9. Ehon

    Ehon (Z_z)

    So, it's not that you want to help, but you want to watch the CS over...

    Cool though... those who need free tonight before Limbus/Ein?
  10. Sassafras

    Sassafras Calendar Girl FC/Active Member

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    I do need the Bastok quest ~ light in the Darkness finished up.
  11. Zeri

    Zeri Retainer of the House of Ultimague

    You mean I can't have both? ; ; Help AND see Ragelise?!? lol

    If it were for him, couldn't I just talk to the gobbie thing? :p