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  1. Fodder

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    Fodder Dodder
    All PUP should sub DRG and use latent haste gear.

    That is all.
  2. Sylphiel

    Sylphiel Lost all faith

    You know what, lemme hit 75 and I just might. So there! O.O
  3. Varda

    Varda Clothcraft Cat

    I actually did sub drg from 25 through 29. ^_^;; PUP gets its own Martial Arts trait at 25, so /mnk isn't needed for that. And while an extra provoke is nice from /war, the Defense Bonus trait isn't going to make up for wearing flimsy mage-ish armor. Attack Bonus and a little extra damage/TP from Jump though, they were very nice. ^_^ Anyway, it's something to consider for those levels.

    I switched to /war at 30 for berserk. It seems like the best choice there, but then again I'm only 31 atm. ^_^;;

    I did get one "lolpup" comment at the start of a party, and a few other snide comments from the same person later. >_< I thought that would wait until at least 40....
  4. Aelfinn

    Aelfinn Moose

    sub bst lol and have to pets lol, i think they should make a job called lol... then when your making a pt someone can just say "Lol?" "oh yeah get Lol" "Nah, lol is gimp" "are you sure? lawl" "yeah, but lol anyway is a lol, so just lol and lets go lol" ..... "lol"

    i think i had something funny in my lunch today...
  5. Tarnak

    Tarnak Naked Thief

    yeah like crack :D

    Why not sub drk ? just a wierd idea
  6. Varda

    Varda Clothcraft Cat

    One party leader around 25 did ask that I sub drk or drg. I went with drg because sadly (thankfully?) I do not have drk unlocked. ^_^;; The spells won't do much of anything, but it might be worth considering for the traits.
  7. Tarnak

    Tarnak Naked Thief

    yeah i ment for traits not spells lol