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    We're a hated breed. ._. Give Pup some credit, it's so way like totally radical coolerer than anybody else because I have a soulless little dude with no face to do my bidding (I generally call him Falkieri).

    I have been trying to conduct some testing of my own, but haven't had quite as much time as I wish I would have had due to a hectic RL and ingame schedule so I've been trying to experiment a bit while xping because I'm in a static. Generally though, I only use the Rng Pup because as far as raw damage goes it blows the other ones out of the water, but try to keep all frames skilled so I can see what they're all capable of and who knows when/if that superiority may change.

    The main thing I'm trying to figure out right now is if there is/the best way to force my maton to nuke and *only* nuke. Considering we have both a Rdm and a Blm, his weaker nukes are not needed and only waste time when he could be putting out more damage. I had heard that only using light+dark maneuver on the mage frame will cause it to only toss out its highest nuke, but in my experience that isn't true. Perhaps it has something to do with not only having those maneuvers on but also certain light/dark attachments as well, I'll just have to keep trying to tweak it when I have time.

    Another thing that as far as I know is not possible but would be so nice, is if you could make it so it doesn't just toss out its highest nuke at the time, but make it better able to coordinate its nuking to the mobs' weaknesses or conform to the SC. Something say, having Mana Booster attachment + any element would = using the current highest nuke *of that element* would be amazing. Although I have a feeling that they will be adding in more attachments, possibly in the next update (they better be >.>) because for example; there's a water attchment while reduces the rate of fire manuever overloading, but no such attachment for any other element. An attachment specifically for forcing nukes of a certain element would be very welcome.

    Right now I don't experiment much with maneuver combos because they're mainly for mage frame, which as I stated, I don't really use much currently. Generally I use light maneuver (Flash attchment, GODLY for a Nin tank), wind maneuver (Rngd ACC), and fire maneuver (ATT). When I'm 70+ I'll have more liberties to experiment with various frames/maneuvers and try to dig up some more findings of my own, currently 60, nearly 61.

    Another thing, is I don't like to mix and match heads and bodies, period. Imo it takes away the specilization of a particular maton, thereby making it half-assed in two areas instead of excelling in one. I'm sure there's certain situations in which mixed frames could be used, but I can't think of any right now.

    Ehhhh, I wasn't really going to post much for the time being, but my habit of growing long-winded got the better of me lol (My 16-some page fishing guide comes to mind <.<). Perhaps at a later time I can do for the various attachments what Archain did for the Corsair's rolls and give them a personal rating. There's definitely some attachments which are amazing, and some which are utter rubbish which have no reason to ever be used.

    Basically, this is a pretty good bit of information for anyone who's interested in Pup, it's definitely a solid job that has been getting sorely overlooked due to the "follow the leader, mynah bird" attitude most people adhere to. This is not to the say the job doesn't need tweaks, on the contrary it does. AI could use a few minor adjustments but for the most part is fairly solid, gear could definitely use a boost, though letting them be able to use Pahluwan is a godsend, I hope to have full Pahluwan by the time I hit 72. I still have a lot of things I want to test/questions about the job myself, hopefully this person keeps updating their journal so I can compare what I've found to what they've found. =P