PUP Artifact Armor

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    Turbo Animator
    Ranged Lvl 40
    An improved version of the animator.
    Transmits commands at a faster rate
    than the standard model.

    Puppetry Tobe
    Body Lvl 58
    DEF:36 HP+12 ACC+5
    Max HP & MP Boost

    Puppetry Dastanas
    Hands Lvl 56
    DEF:12 HP+13 AGI+3
    Enhances "Maneuver" effects
    Reduces "Overload" rate

    Puppetry Taj
    Head Lvl 60
    DEF:15 HP+10 DEX+3 MND+3
    HP & MP recovered while healing +3

    Puppetry Churidars
    Legs Lvl 52
    DEF:25 HP+11 CHR+3
    Encances "Cure" potency
    Spell interruption rate down

    Puppetry Babouches
    Feet Lvl 54
    DEF:11 HP+9 STR+3 Thunder+10
    Enhances "Repair" effect
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  2. Varda

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    Hmm, body and hands look nice. I guess DEX from the head is ok, but "recovered while healing" means TP loss. I also haven't had much problem with keeping my puppet's HP and MP in good order; the oils plus the convert attachment work great so far.

    The legs... cure potency sounds good but cures are only for you and your puppet. Also the "prioritize cures" attachment generally has to compete with the flash attachment (which is highly useful).

    I guess the feet are nice. I'd be happier about them if I wasn't already getting STR+3 from my RSE feet. ^_^;; Probably a good piece overall, but not a big upgrade for Mithra. Hopefully the repair enhancement is good.

    Comparing this to blu AF, I think blu got a lot better stuff. Maybe we'll find later how good these actually are, but for now they seem to rate a "fairly decent" overall.
  3. Archain

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    Wow, an AF weapon that actually looks as if it'll be used, lol.
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    PUP AF Quests

    Copied from Alla. This write up seemed good and people responding said it was correct so copied to post here. The only thing I might check is to see if there is an easier way to get to the AF2 Quest location by starting at the Staging point.

    Please give all credit for the work to Shouta :)

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  5. Sylphiel

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    That walkthrough is indeed correct, and to finish it off:

    After heading to Talacca Cove and fighting the BC, you get a CS (Answer doesn't matter) > Back to Bastok and speak to Shamarhaan (Answer doesn't matter) > Back to Whitegate and speak to Iruki-Waraki > Head to Nashmau > CS when speaking to the NPC that lets you leave the dock (Answer doesn't matter) > Back to Iruki-Warali once more > AF received. Grats!

    Mats needed for AF feet (Babouches) - Ruby, Platinum Sheet, Marid Leather, Mythril Piece x2, Wamoura Cloth.

    And after all your hard work, here's what you're gonna get!:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (Yes they're ginormous, cropped them a bit but was too lazy to resize them. >.>)

    Definitely one of the coolest looking AFs imo. The boots look like they're for a dominatrix, but the body's totally awesome looking and it's overall probably my favorite AF set I have.
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