Promyvion-Vahzl 5-2

Discussion in 'Chains of Promathia' started by Neodevilbane, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Neodevilbane

    Neodevilbane Master of the Martini

    Anyone feel like helping one of these days?
  2. Fayevalentine

    Fayevalentine Bebop Passenger

    Are you back or wut?
  3. Neodevilbane

    Neodevilbane Master of the Martini

  4. Valgavv

    Valgavv 'Former - Master Thief' FC/Active Member

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    Valgavv Lyzen
    give me a schedule... and I'll compare it with mine to see if I can help lol... but yeah I can try =)
  5. Fayevalentine

    Fayevalentine Bebop Passenger

    Yeah if you didnt know they really made the CoP missions more user friendly so Im sure people would be up for helping.
  6. Araius

    Araius Fatty Pirate

    I'd be up for this. Maybe get a memosphere..this is one of only 2 maps I don't own :eek:

    Plus it's been about a quarter century since I did any CoP missions besides...ugh..8-2
  7. Eticket

    Eticket Pointy Stick FC/Active Member

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    Eticket Pogona
    lol that 8-2 run wasn't that bad... ok... yes it was
  8. Neodevilbane

    Neodevilbane Master of the Martini

    Thanks for the votes of help, but I did manage to nail this one yesterday and fall into a potentially weekendly static PM party. Legwork and CSes done for 5-3 now as well.