Praetorium And Tomestones Of Soldiery

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    I've been grinding poetic tomestones so of course, I end up doing the MSQ roulette. Every day for at least a week, when I queue for the roulette, I end up getting into Praetorium. I started asking if people actually queued for it and, most of the time, someone responds that they are grinding soldiery tomestones.

    Praetorium, in my experience, averages roughly 50 minutes to run. It awards 200 poetics and 10 soldery tomes. This averages out to about 4 poetic tomestones per minute and 0.2 soldery tomestones per minute. On the other hand, Castrum Meridianum lasts roughly 25 minutes, awards 200 poetics and 7 soldery, or 8 poetics tomestones and 0.28 soldery tomestones per minute.

    Going off the raw averages, it doesn't make much sense to chain queue Praetorium if you're farming either tomestone. It's not the speediest. Even with the queue time, the break-even for the two allows a 10 minute queue between Castrum instances. So, what am I missing? Why are people explicitly queueing Praetorium?

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