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Discussion in 'Treasures of Aht Urhgan' started by Elvier, Nov 29, 2007.

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    Hmm probably wrong spot to post this but my mind saw the intro with WotG and stuck my post here. Maybe a mod can move it someplace.

    Here are some hints SE gave us for the apkallu NM. Imho I think all they told us is the Birdman cape drops off it and it randomly appears on the boat from Nashmau to Whitegate.


  2. Elvier

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    Elle Vie
    Forgot to mention .. What is it with SE and WHM gear and boats? Sea cudgel etc. is stuck on random pirate pops and now a stupid random penguin?
  3. Talfus

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    That's more of a BRD's cape. Intensifying cape is better +30mp & hp, CHR does nothing for WHM.

    Idea I had was maybe you have to ride the boat to Nashmau > from Alzahbi 3 times and he may pop on they last time back.

    Lastly, I'm pretty sure this belong in ToAU area. Unless they said it was dropping in WotG.
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    AA has been a major topic on BG for months. They still haven't found a concrete spawn pattern. Everyone was looking for the cape for a long time too. It's good SE at least clarified they came from the same place.
  5. Gordie

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    I think Ill be spending a little more time on the boat. If I could get one of these suckers I could probably sell it for enough to replace the rest of my gear.

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