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  1. Snuggle

    Snuggle Me Precious.

    Hello Everyone!! How are you? That good to hear. Yes I'm doing well. What have I been doing?? You are looking at the NEW Hello Kitty Beta Tester... Oh sweet JESUS MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE!!! I will now share with all of you my latest Screen Shots (although you probably wont care).

    Ok So I haven't really mastered the art of the Screen Shot but here is my Character... Her name is of course Snuggle


    And this is my house/farm ....


    Here is the cafe I like to hang out in.


    Here I am in action! Fighting monsters that apparently never die ..... hmmmmmm


    If there was a FFXI Action House this would be it.


    Well I hope you all are doing well!! I can't really say I miss any of you because Hello Kitty fills the void muwahah Just kiddin!! Peace Out!!

    Your Fat Friend,

  2. Eticket

    Eticket Pointy Stick FC/Active Member

    FFXIV Name:
    Eticket Pogona
    so did you hit the bunny for 69 points of damage? ..or is that just one hell of a special 'ability'?
  3. Sojourn

    Sojourn Banned for hotter e-lovin.

  4. Snuggle

    Snuggle Me Precious.

    Eticket - my microphone is powerful, what can I say.

    Soj your such a feathered cock duster
  5. Eticket

    Eticket Pointy Stick FC/Active Member

    FFXIV Name:
    Eticket Pogona
    'grats on a fertile level of 100 btw
  6. Benny

    Benny {too weak}{Black Mage} FC/Active Member

    god help me, I like the look of this game. (._.)

  7. Sojourn

    Sojourn Banned for hotter e-lovin.

    The look is kinda cool, reminds me of those japanese..........things you see in anime's, but thats about it. Clobbering stuff with microphones and "hanging out in a tea house" or whatever the fuck seems too roleplayish to me.
  8. Zeri

    Zeri Retainer of the House of Ultimague

    So Snuggle, can you let us know when it's out of closed beta? :)

    Definitely looks very cute, and has a colorful yet soft look to it. Seems very polished. My inner ferret wants. =^.^= (Shinyyyyy~!!!)

    P.S. Those please don't tell me the crafting system is like FFXI. I just saw:
    You lost item Sting.
    You lost item Ore.
    You lost item Crab Meat.
    And it reminded me of pain, lots of pain. Please tell me that's not crafting, and you just dropping items or whatnot.
  9. Ashmus

    Ashmus Unicorns are kickass!

    its definatly a synth. She was trying to make hard stinging crabs.
  10. Snuggle

    Snuggle Me Precious.

    Of course I'll tell you when the closed beta ends! Ok so there is a synth. for food/juice, clothes, beds and weapons. You can have pets. I have a dino. You have to feed it or it dies, something like that. There is a lot of weapons like Fly Swatters, Umbrellas, and Mircophones to name a few. The missions are pretty freakin easy so I'm hoping they get harder. Building my house took 3 days ...... It was like giving child birth. It's real easy to make money but I have a feeling that will change when they release it. I had to email them everyday for 3 months and finally they invited me. And Dan says my nagging will get me no where... I think not! Anyways it's super fun!! :inlove:
  11. Ekan

    Ekan 凸(^_^)凸 FC/Active Member

    FFXIV Name:
    Ekan Vir
    How come the graphics are nicer than FFXI >.>
  12. Redd

    Redd Servant of Ultima Banned Account

    PS2 limitations and the fact that FFXI is olde like shoppe.
  13. Makaras

    Makaras Eater of Kittens

    If there were only some sort of rating system they could tie to the game so we could appropriately gauge the content of this game.... Wait!! I got it:


  14. Snuggle

    Snuggle Me Precious.

    So here I am with my Reindeer hat which I think is pretty cool compared to the stupid hats I get in FFXI.


    Here is my normal outfit. Oh the giant flower weapon is pretty cool. When I hit an animal rainbows and sparkles come flying out of it.


    Unlike FFXI I can wear a beard and grow an army of snowmen to help save Christmas.


    Here I am after I saved Christmas. That's Santa Claus behind me. I have a blue snow aura around me now for saving Christmas.

  15. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

    "no one like me!!! o wrong chat"
  16. TiiZii

    TiiZii New Member

    My dearest Snuggle :D

    Is this a PC game? Are they still letting people on Beta? How do I find it :D
    Such a cute game :D :D:icecream::icecream::icecream:
  17. Arafea

    Arafea Exploding, Toothpick wielding Taru

    holy crap, it is tiizii!

  18. TiiZii

    TiiZii New Member

    heya! fat taru!:icecream:
  19. Tarnak

    Tarnak Naked Thief

    Hiya foot biter how have you and kal been?
  20. Snuggle

    Snuggle Me Precious.

    Hey Tii my old friend!! It's closed right now but I will let you know when it's open again.