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Discussion in 'Ultima Crafters Corner' started by Gordie, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Gordie

    Gordie Gordzilla


    Look closely
  2. Sojourn

    Sojourn Banned for hotter e-lovin.

    oh hi 2 genies in a grodie?
  3. Fodder

    Fodder . Ultima Legacy

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    Fodder Dodder
  4. Aelfinn

    Aelfinn Moose

    that was so nice of you to make me a new genie weskit! :)
  5. defiant

    defiant Active Member FC/Active Member

    nice mate ;)
  6. Chiiana

    Chiiana WHAT FC/Active Member

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    Chii Lionstrong
    My Lodestone Profile
    nice job. happen to be signed? :p
  7. Modoja

    Modoja Orginoo Gun Clappa

    Grats Homo, can i borrow 4M? :rolleyes:

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