New's To me. Job Benifits an Rolling

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    While i'm certain this has already been figured out, and i apologize for this info not exactly bieng "ground breaking". I thought i'd post this anyway. I was under the impression that in order to gain the additional benifit from a roll based on the specific job, that the job had to be within the range of the roll for that benifit to be granted. (i.e. a Lucky # on evokers roll is 3mp w.o a SMN in party and a 4 w/ a SMN in party)

    What i found out is that as long as the SMN job is inside the party, he can be on the other side of the map when the Roll is made and the party will still get benifit of 4mp/tick.

    Good info if your in the BLM party and giving trying to give HMP or Magic ACC when your WHM and RDM are running around doing other stuff, and not necessarily able to be in the radius.