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    So you want to teleport to sky?

    No idea what the prerequisites are for this "quest."

    You'll need 3 Clear Chips found from 11-22 (closed Lightsday) at any of the Goblin Vendors:
    • Blabbivix (Bastok Port, behind the Warehouses)
    • Gaudylox (San d'Oria North, near Woodworking Guild)
    • Scavnix (Windurst Walls, north of Heaven's Tower under the bridge)
    Teleport to all three crags in no particular order. At each crag:
    1. Enter the Shattered Telepoint
    2. Click on large apparatis. "Appears to be hexagon missing."
    3. Trade Clear chip. "Appears to be repaired."
    Once you've "repaired" at all three crags, proceed to Tavnazian Safehold. Find Aligi-Kufongi at H-9, pay 300g and change your title to, "Warrior of the Crystal."

    After you've changed your title, proceed to sky the old fashion way. Once in sky, head for I-9 (maybe G-9 too) to "register" yourself on the glowing Green porter which is above the Green "landing pads." (don't go down any stairs). When asked to use the port the first time, click "yes."

    You can now teleport to any crag and use Large Apparatis to get to sky.

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    Nice Sass! Thanks!

    btw... the required title is gained from PM 8-3
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    Thanks a bunch Sassy, this is great ^^
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    A little late as usual, tii.
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    :smoke:/em kills SoUjourn :gun03: :gun03: :gun03:

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