New Players, Are You Okay?

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    This is not a call out post, rant, or anything negative towards newbies.

    I just did Soul of the Creator in my roulette and we wiped three times due to healer deaths, lack of healing etc.
    Someone in chat pointed out that the Astrologian didn't have a sect on at all, saying 'Ast, use Nocturnal Sect'.
    You can actually use the sects in the middle of the encounter if none are active.
    After that inevitable wipe, the Astrologian left without a word (and our MCH pulled so we had to wipe since we only had LB2 available). Nobody said anything bad or complained.

    So here I am asking to all new players who experience this: 'are you okay?'
    It seemed like they were upset, but as a long time player I did find myself a little bit annoyed at the circumstances.
    Do level skips/job skips unlock all Alexander raids?
    Did this person manage to level Astrologian all the way to 60 without having done a single quest to unlock Diurnal/Nocturnal sect? The quests require that you use the sects and Aspected Benefic (I think) so it would be assumed at level 60.

    I've noticed this happen often, actually. I've even seen stuff like this in savage raids, and when people point out a very, very obvious mistake the person in question gets really upset and either lashes out or leaves the instance.

    I can fully understand how scary it is being new, and maybe people have no idea what they're getting into when doing these raids. However, FFXIV has an age rating of 16+ (or around that number) so I do expect more mature behaviour and these overreactions and possibly traumatising experiences (for them) worry me.

    Is simply saying 'stance' enough to ruin someone's day?
    Is this what people mean by 'toxic casual'?
    Are we wrong to point out something that is causing the duty to fail?

    And of course, if people have valid reasons for these mistakes or lack of knowledge (disabilities, age, etc.) then that is fair, but it's also not something that other people will know unless you tell them. Letting your party members/alliance know that you're new or have a disadvantage is fine because people can help!

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