Need one or two members for Salvage

Discussion in 'Ultima Salvage' started by Lexa, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Lexa

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    My Salvage group is looking for one, possibly two, more members. We run three times a week, on Mondays @ 8pm EST, and twice on Saturdays @ 1pm EST.

    We run on a priority system, where you can prioritize one piece at a time, at which point you will have solo lotting rights on that piece, unless someone else picked it before you. This has worked well for us since July, and won't change.

    Job versatility is nice, but what we really need is a fulltime WHM. A COR would be hot, but if you don't have that, let me know anyway because we might be able to convince some others to do some creative job swapping.

    What's most important is to be able to keep up assault points, though. If you're Second Lieutenant or higher, this should be no issue. We only run 3x a week, so lower ranks can do this as well, but SL or higher is definitely recommended. It's every person's responsibility to get their own points in time for our runs. I only stress this because I'm kinda sick of people showing up for runs and needing to do random assaults before we can enter. On Mondays we're pressed for time because some come straight from work, and we go straight to Einherjar after. On Saturday, some has to go straight to work after. If you can't guarantee the upkeep of points, you should not be doing salvage.

    /tell, PM or reply if you have interest.

  2. Shadowedge

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    I'd love to join as whm. I could definitely make the Saturdays. Only issue is that Mondays, I'd be at work until 7pm PST / 10pm EST. =(
  3. Lexa

    Lexa Just call me Veronica Mars

    Bump. Need one more.
  4. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

    / Looks like with Ben and Zeri gone my Nyzul group is on hiatus. Do you guys get your AP together?

    *EDIT* Oh wait I forgot you go during Limbus on Mondays. I'd love to go with you guys on Saturdays if you'll have me.
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  5. Talfus

    Talfus ~Lux Aeterna~

    I'd do it, if I wasn't working or coming home at those times.
  6. Heie

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    I would like to do it but my nyzul group goes at 1 pm est. So if there is any flexablity there I am interested.
  7. Lexa

    Lexa Just call me Veronica Mars

    The times are set. :( On Mondays we're kinda "trapped" between Manikalas coming home from work and Einherjar, so moving it back or forth in that time slot isn't possible.

    On Saturdays, we're trapped between PST people and a member who always leaves for work after the first run.

    We've tried discussing alternate days, but it would either collide with other Ultima event times, or CTB event times. :(