My craft levels (since Elvie asked~)

Discussion in 'Ultima Crafters Corner' started by Sharain, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Sharain

    Sharain New Member

    I never mind crafting for people, just send me a /tell if you need something. Or ask Elvie or Sass and they can leave me a msg if I'm not on. :)

    Woodworking 100+3, all subs 60. Signboard.

    Leathercraft 92+3, gold 45, bone 20, rest 60. +2 for smithing and cloth. (Waah! Delevel)

    Alchemy 100+3, smith 54, gold 52+1, leather 19, rest 60. Signboard.

    Bonecraft 100+3, smith 50, leather 48, cloth 22, wood 22, alchemy 60+2, gold 11.

    Goldsmithing 80+2, alchemy 45, smith 26.

    Smithing 72+2.

    Clothcraft 88, leather 72, smithing 51, gold 47, rest 60, except cooking. Signboard.
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  2. Fayevalentine

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    wtf crazy~
  3. Sassafras

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    Shar let me know if you want me to hide this from the general Valefor population as a whole & keep it just in the "family." I know there are some crazies out there ;)
  4. Elvier

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    Elle Vie
    Thanks for offering to help Shar! Sharain is the the greatest and takes crafting seriously, as evidenced by her many crafts! I would trust her with anything. :cheerleader:
  5. Sharain

    Sharain New Member

    Appreciate the thought Sass, but if you hide it then I can't edit it when I get more levels ^^;; what a dilemma.

    And that emote is hypnotizing Elvie. :)
  6. Razorcat

    Razorcat Is a Mithra! =^^=

  7. Sharain

    Sharain New Member

    Updatey! Bonecraft 100, yay! But leather delevel. ;_;, at least I finished the sub aprons. Leather mule's clothcraft is temporarily 68 if that's relevant to any synth, I'll cap it to 60 once I have some gil to start leveling leather again. Couple levels on the smithing mule, and a whole bunch of subs. Notice the +2 in bonecrafter's alchemy, that means tier 2 on skeleton keys for all you thieves out there. :)
  8. Elvier

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    Elle Vie
    Congrats on 100 Bonecrafting Shar!!! :thrilled:
    And thanks for all the crafting you do for the LS :).
  9. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

  10. Sharain

    Sharain New Member

    Thanks ^^ now what next... leather, cloth or smithing... gold can't really be rushed ^_^;;
  11. Elvier

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    Elle Vie
    Well 100 smithing seems to be the craft least available on the server. But not sure it makes any gil for the smith. Whatever craft you decide on, let us know if there is some ingredient you need sometimes and maybe we can help finding things.

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