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    I find that I really enjoy MCH, except for two things:

    1). Wildfire (which can easily be ignored as its DPS is so low)
    2). Hypercharge.

    My beef with Hypercharge is rather simple: This skill is so ludicrously dependent upon lag and precision button-mashing that it's just not fun to miss a portion of it because of a 100ms spike in latency or something, or a framerate drop or something else stupid like that happening.

    So, to fix it...

    First, let's look at another similar skill that does something very similar, but in a much more reasonable way:

    Sword Oath.

    When you complete a combo with Royal Authority, you gain 3 stacks of Sword Oath and you are given ample time to use these 3 stacks before the buff wears off (I kinda wish they'd do the same for Requiescat for much the same reasons!).

    So that got me to thinking. Why don't we tweak the Hypercharge meter, and place little "blocks" on it that fill in... such as 1 2 3 4 and as you accumulate heat, the meter starts to rise, filling each block in. These blocks would represent how many charges of Hypercharge you'd get when you used the Hypercharge ability, which would directly relate to how many times you could use Heat Blast or Auto Crossbow and the stacked buff should allow for +2-3 seconds more than the total GCDs.

    That would make lag, latency, and fps a far smaller factor in whether or not you fully use your Hypercharge or end up wasting a Heat Blast thanks to a split second of latency making your last Heat Blast be 0.5s late.

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