Lv 30 Promy fights for CoP missions

Discussion in 'Chains of Promathia' started by Predaking, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Predaking

    Predaking Megatron

    Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone needs or would be able to help me tackle the Promy Lv30 bcnm fights for the CoP missions sometime this week? I need all 3 (Holla, Mea and Dem) With my schedule this week, I can do them Wednesday night, anytime day/night Thursday, Friday night after 9PM EST, Saturday after 9PM EST or anytime day/night Sunday. Would be cool to get them out of the way since they're so annoying lol. Thanks and hope all is well! :bfg:
  2. Zeri

    Zeri Retainer of the House of Ultimague

    I can help. I also have a friend Milow who could use em too. He's got... BRD, BLM, WHM, SCH to my knowledge.
  3. Lexa

    Lexa Just call me Veronica Mars

    If I'm not busy, I'll gladly help. >.> I'm pretty full-scheduled during the evenings, but Thursday I'm free until like 6pm EST when I have class. Late Friday or Saturday can also work, I think.
  4. Modoja

    Modoja Orginoo Gun Clappa

    if im on ill help
  5. Sassafras

    Sassafras Calendar Girl FC/Active Member

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    Sassafras Rosa
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    omg Modo.. your avatar.. hahaha

    If I'm free, I'll come help @ Preda
  6. Nekio

    Nekio {Gilfinder}

    I'll help if I'm on and free... I still need Mea map and have a pop item for one of the NMs :p
  7. Eticket

    Eticket Pointy Stick FC/Active Member

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    Eticket Pogona
    I need the climbs for AN so I'm in whenever.

    I wouldn't mind doing the ENMs either.
  8. Jotaru

    Jotaru shinobi-no-mono FC/Active Member

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    Jotaru Maru
    Send me a message when you go Preda, not sure when I will / won't be on this week, but I enjoy them - if you're going while I'm on, I'll help.
  9. defiant

    defiant Active Member FC/Active Member


    My taru (Defiantaru) needs the clears, I can bring Defiant too.

    Also willing to static PM with you too Pred :)
  10. Predaking

    Predaking Megatron

    Awesome! Thanks guys!

    Aluciont sent me a message asking if we could try for Friday or the weekend cause his new RDM needs the fights as well so maybe we can try for then. Go lvl up your char Alu!! :bfg::D

    I'm definately down for the CoP static Def! That would be really awesome!
  11. defiant

    defiant Active Member FC/Active Member

    Friday is good for me!

    Aluciont what level rdm? maybe i can help you level up;p

    If Aluc brings RDM to Promy then i have a lv 25 whm or 23 blm i can level up next couple of days instead.
  12. Predaking

    Predaking Megatron

    I think his RDM is around Lv20 or so. Friday works good for me so let's try to shoot for then. I work lthat day and won't be home and on until after 9PM EST but I'll definately be ready to go once I am on! Thanks!
  13. Eticket

    Eticket Pointy Stick FC/Active Member

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    Eticket Pogona
    That time should work well for me as well. I even have some anima still from a recent farming session.
  14. defiant

    defiant Active Member FC/Active Member

    I will be on then also.

    Going to assume Eticket will WHM so i will take my taru blm to level 30 tonight and farm me some anima.
  15. defiant

    defiant Active Member FC/Active Member

    Taru is lv 30 BLM, geared and ready.

    Probably go farm some Animas as they are pretty pricey on AH =\
  16. Eticket

    Eticket Pointy Stick FC/Active Member

    FFXIV Name:
    Eticket Pogona
    I have WHM, PLD, NIN, RDM, DRG, WAR, THF and BLM available for it.

    Pixie is available too, epescially if we do the ENMs after the BCs

    She has DRG, WAR, RDM, WHM, BLM available.

    We should be home and online by 8:30 EDT.
  17. defiant

    defiant Active Member FC/Active Member

    Was a great Success!

    Hardest part would of been Lufaise Meadows believe it or not :)

    Thanks to those that came out and offered help.
  18. Predaking

    Predaking Megatron

    Thanks guys!! Much appreciated!!! :bfg::bfg::bfg::bfg: